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The Difference Maker

It was probably ten years ago that I attended a strength and conditioning clinic at the University of Florida. Mick Marotti, then head football strength coach was describing the culture of the weight room and how there is no substitute for effort. This is a guy who has been in the business of getting athletes stronger and faster for 28 years. The exercise programs are only as good as the effort being put forth.

I can give two people with identical fitness levels the same program and the one who gives more effort will get better results. Muhammad Ali hated training, but he loved being champion. The only way he was going to be champion was by giving maximum effort in his training.

Effort is not a talent, it’s a mindset.

I heard it put this way by Jim Wendler a world class powerlifter and strength coach. A good coach can get more out of you. Training with others can push you to work harder. A positive training environment is a must and will encourage effort, but it all starts with you.

Eating well is not a talent, it’s mindset.

Hands down the hardest part for most of us is changing our eating habits. The person who gives more effort eats better. It has nothing to do with will power or discipline.

When I was in college I knew how to cook eggs, boil rice, brown meat, make tuna salad and cook chicken on my George Foreman grill. I would also make a batch of Silly Chili that took me 15 minutes to make. It consisted of browning ground beef, draining beef,opening a can of kidney beans, dumping beans into beef and sprinkling chili powder, salt and pepper. Very gourmet. My mindset was created from my goal of wanting to pack on muscle. To do that I needed to eat an abundance of food. It didn’t require me to be a chef, but it did require effort.

Nowadays life is busy and I have mouths to feed. More effort is required when it comes to eating well the majority of the time. Now I have to look at my calendar, my wife’s schedule, the kids activities and so forth. When effort meets the calendar we eat well. When we slack on effort (which we do) we don’t eat as well.

What if you gave 1% more effort towards one or a few of these things: meal planning, preparation, keeping trigger foods out of the house, cooking, eating slowly, not being excessive when you eat snacks or drink alcohol, eating one additional serving of vegetables, stop eating when you are 80% full…

What if you gave 1% more effort during your workouts, mobility and stretching and low intensity movement like walking…

What if you gave 1% more effort towards doing things that make you happy?

Keep moving,

Coach Dom