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Breakthrough Fitness

The NOT So Perfect Approach To Fitness That Works

Yesterday I started the day off with a good breakfast of eggs, sliced avocado and fruit before heading to the facility. After five steady hours of training clients, I was starving. I grabbed my bag, my container of chicken tortilla soup and was getting in my car to head home for lunch.

As I started the car, I looked over at my chicken tortilla soup with disgust. “I’ve been eating you since Sunday dinner. I’m done with your ass”. Chubby Dom has gained control of my thoughts, while Healthy Dom pleaded from the backseat to “just eat the soup”.

We went back and forth considering nuggets and Polynesian sauce from Chick-fil-a, fried chicken from Popeye’s, a burrito from Moe’s and a burger from Burger Fi. All sounded far more delicious than three day old chicken tortilla soup.

A decision had to be made. Turn right out of Breakthrough Fitness and Chubby Dom wins. Turn left, get home and Healthy Dom has a chance. At that very moment, I remembered the sliced ham and cheese that Ben loved last week, but wants nothing to do with this week. Five year olds…..

Still hangry, I warmed up my soup and made a hot ham and cheese on rye bread which sparks interest from my son. Chubby Dom finally stopped bitching and began enjoying the soup and sandwich. He even gave half to Ben…

My decision was a victory. My half sandwich and soup was roughly 500 calories with about 15 grams of protein. Yes, I also had bread and dairy, which some people would have you believe are handcrafted in hell by the devil himself.

What I didn’t have was a 1,000 plus calorie lunch loaded with fat that would have left me feeling like shit.

How many times a week are you faced with a decision like this?

One reasonable decision each week could save you 26,000 calories a year

What if you went one night without the 150 calories from the wine or small treat?

There’s another 7,800.

That’s one meal a week, one night a week…

Lasting change is built on good decisions made daily…

Keep moving,

Coach Dom Lucibello