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Breakthrough Fitness

The Process

We all have are reasons to exercise. We all are looking for a particular result or outcome. The problem I find is we focus on the outcome when we need to focus on the process. To focus on the process means focusing on your training as a whole rather each individual workout.

Let’s say fat loss is your  primary reason for  starting a exercise program. The entire process  includes strength training, endurance training, nutrition, rest and recovery. Then you have to be consistent with all of these things and stick with it long enough to work.  Far to often people over analyze their workouts and don’t give it time to succeed or fail for that matter.
Another problem is you don’t take time off.  Rest is essential for results. It’s a huge component of the process.
Nutrition is the biggest part of the process. It fuels the workouts and is vital for recovery. If you have skipped breakfast the last five years it might take sometime to adapt to your new eating habits.
You have to stay true to the process as a whole and not worry about the day to day results.
So instead of getting on the scale every morning (which is terrible measurement for fat loss) do some calisthenics and stretching. Focus on how you feel because you have exercised more in the last two weeks then you do in the last year.
Legendary coach John Wooden never talked to his players about winning, rather, his approach was to focus on the process (training) and allow success to follow as a byproduct.
If you are determined about getting results and you take the necessary steps, then you put those steps into action you will succeed. It takes hard work and consistency to achieve any goal worthy of  accomplishing.
You should be working out, you should be eating right.
Learn to enjoy the process and you will accomplish things you’d never thought possible.