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The Scale, Friend or Foe?

Scale – a device used to measure mass.

The bathroom scale – a device designed to mentally torture humans every morning by getting them to stand on it and then showing them a number.

Of all the good indicators of health and fitness, we choose a number on a device that only measures total mass.

It doesn’t measure how much of that mass is muscle, bone and organs vs. how much is fat (unless it’s a real fancy scale).

It doesn’t tell you your resting heart rate or blood pressure. It knows nothing about stress or hydration levels or how well you slept last night.

It doesn’t tell you your cholesterol … much less how much of your cholesterol is HDL (good) vs. LDL (bad).

The scale is probably the single least informative indicator of your current state of your health and fitness … yet every morning you’ll shuffle to the bathroom and get on that device buck naked because every ounce matters.

If this one-dimensional snapshot every morning determines whether you’re succeeding or failing at living a healthy, active life, then it’s a FOE.

The scale is your FRIEND if it’s part of a multi-dimensional snapshot consisting of, how well your clothes fit, waist and hip measurements, photos, mood, energy levels, sleep quality and overall happiness.

I think the scale should be more of an acquaintance then a close friend. Someone that you are cool with, but only see at your friends kids birthday parties a few times a year.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom