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Breakthrough Fitness

The Show Must Go On – Eleven Years Of Breakthrough Fitness

I always feel nostalgic in May. On May 15th, 2010 I pushed all the chips to the middle of the table, going ‘all-in’ on turning a vision into reality. On June 3rd, Breakthrough Fitness was officially open for business. There was no Plan B. It was showtime. I was 90% excited and 10% nervous. Alright, maybe I was 90% nervous and 10% excited, but that’s what made it so exhilarating.

I didn’t know much about business back in 2010, but I did know the importance of customer service, consistency, and community. These core values allowed the show to withstand the mistakes, doubt and limiting beliefs of the director as he learned and improved at his craft. These values allowed the show to continue with a changing ensemble. And when the pandemic rocked the world, these values allowed us to adapt and make changes without the curtain falling.

When I founded Breakthrough Fitness eleven years ago I remember having a 5 and 10 year goal. The show was rolling along at the end of 2019 and I was pumped and ready to make 2020, our 10 year anniversary year the best. I was getting closer and closer to what I thought was my ideal business and then wham! A pandemic. The combination of 90% nervousness and 10% excitement was back with a vengeance.

But the show must go on. The show built on customer service, consistency and community. We had a responsibility to deliver and meet the expectations of the audience – our clients, because without them there is no show. Fortunately, BTF has a wonderful ensemble and we were able to adapt and make changes quickly.

And here we are, fortunate and blessed to be celebrating 11 years in business. Eleven years of community. A community of people with similarities and differences all working on improving themselves as individuals. A place that’s more than just workouts. A place where many lives have changed and friendships have formed through fitness. A place that only discriminates against bad attitudes and negative vibes. A place I’m proud to have built.

I want to end this letter with a curtain call. A standing ovation is in store for all the characters who make BTF an amazing place – Brian, Julia, Dominique, Jackson, Eric, Jen, Mike, Ashley and Maijalisa. There are no words that cannot express how grateful I am to all of you. Thanks for making BTF a wonderful experience.

A huge thanks goes out to all of our clients past and present who gave us an opportunity to help you over the last decade. You are the driving force behind Breakthrough Fitness. I look forward to providing you with an even deeper level of customer service, consistency and community than ever before.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom