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There’s More To The Story

Let’s start this email off with a joke about food from the beloved Rodney Dangerfield…

“You kidding, at my age food has replaced sex completely. I mean just last week I had a mirror installed over the kitchen table.”

Food is so many wonderful things. Food is family and culture. Food is first dates and anniversaries. Food is travel. Food is “you gots to try this new barbecue spot”. Food is holiday traditions.

Food is life!

Food is also a personal responsibility.

Which leads me to another great quote…

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain

When it comes to food the “what” you eat is important, but let’s not forget the How, Why, Where and Who components of food.

What – The quantity and quality of food that you eat.

How – Do you eat fast or slow? Are you mindful or working and paying no thought at all to the meal. Are you engaged in conversation or stressing about everything that needs to be done ? Are you in front of a computer, TV or scrolling through social media?

Why – Are you hungry, anxious, lonely, tired (H.A.L.T)? Are you bored or stressed? Maybe you eat because it’s just around.

Where – At home, work, car, restaurants…What is each environment like?

Who – spouse, friends, co-workers…Do you find you eat a certain way with certain people? What mood are you in with these people?

The “what” we eat is very important, but it’s only one component. The other components are equally important (maybe even more).

You can improve the “what” by getting better meals on the table – less fat, more vegetables, good protein. The internet can provide you with endless recipes for anything and everything.

The other components need attending too. If you desire a change to your body, energy levels and overall health, you won’t “what” your way to it. You’ll need to reduce some of the “why” and make changes to the “How”, “Where” and possibly with “Whom”.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom