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Breakthrough Fitness

Three Actions That Will Accelerate Your Results

We all know the importance of preparation and planning. I don’t think real success is attainable without a plan and a little leg work…

But, all too often we get stuck in the details and forget the most important part of success is to TAKE ACTION!

I have 3 action steps I like to do that work well for creating a blueprint. These action steps can be used in all areas of life, but we will be using them for your 2021 fitness blueprint.

I promise if you work on these steps NOW, you’ll start moving forward before the new year.

I want you to focus on each action step, so we will only discuss #1 today. Action steps 2 & 3 will be discussed Wednesday and Friday.

Action step #1- Define “Fit”

  • What is considered “Fit” by me might be completely different than you.
  • Don’t fall into a trap that you need to train or look a certain way.
  • This is all about you, nobody else.
  • Fitness is just one part of your life.
  • Your definition will change over the course of your life.

Think about your “why”….keeping up with your kids, being healthy and active when you are a grandparent, energy levels, immune health, weight loss. These are all great goals, but dig deep into “why” you want to be fit.

Here is my definition of fit 

My Why’s….

  • Be a role model to my children, so they can learn that eating well and exercise is part of a good life.
  • Knowing that I have the ability to apply strength, run quickly and be agile enough to handle myself in an unexpected situation.
  • Lead by example for my team and clients.

How/what I will do….

  • Challenge myself with purposeful strength and hypertrophy training 2-3x per week
  • Do 2-3 days of training focused on athleticism, conditioning and muscular endurance.
  • Being upright and moving most of the day. I plan on getting a stand-up desk for my office to eliminate some of the sitting when working on emails and other desk-related work.
  • Keeping my scale weight between 175-180lb and body fat at 12% or below. These numbers help me create boundaries, which will require me to have a weekly meal plan, drink less alcohol, reduce processed foods, increase vegetables and be more mindful of the quality of carbs and fats I am eating.
  • Be pain-free – making time each night to stretch and work on recovery.
  • Spend more time outdoors doing leisure activities.
  • Demonstrate discipline, so I have the freedom to enjoy the foods and drink that I want when I want.

Now it’s your turn.

If you want extra accountability, email me your definition. My team and I can help remind you of your “WHY” throughout the year.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom