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Three Full-Body Vacation Workouts You Can Do In Under 30 Minutes

Don’t be that girl or guy who brings their own kettlebell on the cruise

A vacation is supposed to be a break from your normal day-to-day. That does not mean avoid vegetables at all costs and be a slug.

  1. Enjoy your family.
  2. Indulge.
  3. Eat 1-2 palm-sized portions of protein at each meal. Eat slowly and engage in conversation with your family or the people you are chilling with on vacation.
  4. Break a sweat before the day’s planned activities begin.
  5. Drink water all day long.

Make #1 top priority

Break a sweat before the day begins

Try breaking a sweat a few times on your vacation. If you exercise regularly and your body needs a week off, take it. You have earned the right to do nothing for a week.

On vacation we want our workouts to provide us with energy and vigor. It’s best to get up early before everyone else and get your session done. Don’t make anyone wait around for you to finish your workout. Remember the top priority is to enjoy time with your family and to indulge in the culture, food and atmosphere of where you are vacationing.

Back pocket workouts

  • You should always have a few workouts that you can do anywhere with minimal or no equipment.
  • Cruise ships and decent hotels all have gyms. Most have a rack of dumbbells,  machines and cardio equipment. And don’t forget the ultimate free weight – your body!
  • If you want to create your own workouts on vacation follow these guidelines:
    • Take inventory of what equipment and space is available.
    • Take a full body approach and work as many muscle groups as possible. Alternating between lower body moves and upper body moves works really well.
    • Sweat and breath hard. Keep rest between exercises short 10-30 seconds.

I know the last thing we want to do on vacation is to think, so I created three workouts for you

The Bloody Mary

This workout is 15-20 minutes in length and will shake off the cobwebs. Before starting drink a big glass of water. Sip on water throughout the duration of the workout. Shower and eat a breakfast of eggs and fruit.

You will do each exercise for 30 seconds then rest for 20 seconds. Do this continuously for 4-5 rounds. Stop the clock and rest as needed.

  • Push ups – Flat back, nose to the ground.
  • See saw lunge – left leg moves (you can modify with a reverse lunge or stationary lunge)
  • Plank to Push up – switch the arm that you initiate the movement each round.
  • See saw lunge – right leg moves
  • Squat jumps (modify with squats)

Left Side/Right Side

You will need one dumbbell for this workout. Do 6-10 reps for each exercise holding the dumbbell in your left hand. Then you will repeat everything with the weight in your right hand. After you finish the moves on both sides do some form of conditioning for 1-2 minutes – treadmill, bike, jumping jacks. That’s one round. Do as many rounds as you like. You should be able to do 4 rounds at 10 reps per exercise/each side in 30 minutes.

  • Push press – This exercise will be the one that dictates what weight you will use. Don’t worry if it feels light on everything else. Just move quickly and under control. We aren’t trying to set any records here. We’re just looking to get in a little work.
  • Squat – The top of your leg should be parallel to the floor in the bottom of the squat.
  • Row – Great move that should be done very often.
  • Reverse lunge – The knee on the moving leg should get as close to the ground as you can. The knee that stayed in place should be positioned directly over the ankle or very slightly forward. Your bodyweight should be distributed through the entire front foot. If all the pressure is on the front of your foot you are doing it wrong.

10 Minute Density Zones

  • Three 10 minute zones
  • Three exercises per zone
    • upper
    • lower
    • core/midsection
  • Do between 6-10 reps per exercise (single-sided moves do the amount of reps per side)
  • Do as many quality rounds as you an in 10 minutes.

Zone 1

  • Overhead Press each side
  • Front lunge each side
  • Sprinter Abs
Zone 2
  • Push ups
  • 1 arm row each side
  • Single leg straight leg deadlifts each side
Zone 3
  • Floor press each side
  • Side lunge each side
  • Rotational leg under each side

These are now yours to keep in your back pocket. Use them often. Enjoy Your summer!

Keep moving,

Coach Dom