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Three Musts For Sustainable Fat Loss And Weight Management

Strength Training Is Quality Of Life Insurance

“Thank for all the squats, we will never complain again.” – Kristen B. on hiking Hawaii

“Dude, I barely fit in this narrow stairwell in Amsterdam and there was no way to drag the luggage. Those farmer carry’s sure did come in handy as I had to lug the suitcases up a multiple flights.” – Justin B.

“The Himalayas were entirely awesome……..amazingly wild and rugged beauty…….My fitness was perfect. Never was sore, or fatigued. Never ran out of energy or felt like I couldn’t physically do something. That says a lot, btw, because there were quite a few people who just couldn’t make it. I climbed straight up into Everest Base Camp no problem. And that’s saying something since Base Camp is above 17,000 feet. I saw many, many people get helicoptered out because of physical issues.” – Bruce W.

“I was able to ski first lift all the way until the last run all four days. My buddy couldn’t hang.” – Carl S.

“The sled pushes definitely helped me handle the hills during my bike rides” – Josh H. discussing his insanely long ultra bike rides.

  • We are designed to move.
  • Movement makes our bodies and brain function better.
  • Purposeful training is a must for aging well and healthily.
  • A body in constant motion digests and absorbs food differently than a body that is sedentary, promoting fat loss.

Muscle, movement and a diet consisting of controlled portions of quality protein, carbs and fat is the catalyst to long-term fat loss and weight management.

If you are intimidated by big gyms, struggle with fat loss and can’t seem to find an approach to fitness you enjoy, click on the link below and learn more about how we do things at Breakthrough Fitness.

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Keep moving,

Coach Dom