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Training Balance With Movement

All aspects of fitness are highly interdependent and must be trained. If we want to live our best quality of life from a physical standpoint, we need strength, power(fast strength/quick movement), muscular endurance, balance, coordination/agility, mobility, endurance/stamina and a desired body composition (lean mass vs. fat mass).

You’re probably saying, “I ain’t got no time for that.” And you would be right. Even professional athletes who have a lot of time for training can’t separate them. The most effective way of training is to recognize and take advantage of the interaction between them.

In my last email I wrote how strength training makes all other aspects of fitness improve. Balance is one of the qualities that improves the most. And it’s in movement that we need balance!

We don’t need to spend time standing on one foot or trying to balance on a wobble board or unstable surface. What we need to do is to be able to control our body at various angles without load (bodyweight) and with load (weights).

One of my favorite ways to train balance is with offset-loaded reverse lunges and step ups. This one exercise works grip strength, core strength, leg strength and balance.

Check out the videos to learn how to do both exercises correctly and which one is best for you.

Reverse Lunge w/offset load

Step Ups w/offset load

Keep moving,

Coach Dom