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Tuesday Night Booty

You’ve heard the expression K.I.S.S -Keep It Simple, Stupid.

It applies to health, fitness and wellness better than almost anything else. I learned this lesson many years ago when I was a young meathead who may have owned a gold necklace with a dumbbell charm. Back then, the only information I was exposed to about lifting weights came from the bodybuilding magazines. I wanted to be swole like Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates, so I just did what the magazine said he did. Day after day I would go to the gym at the same time everyday and blast whatever bodypart was scheduled for that day. I also ate a ton of food because that’s what was said to do. I did this for years straight.

You know what happened?

I got swole.

Stop making it complicated. Your fitness, health and wellness doesn’t require fancy, elaborate workouts or gourmet meals with precise macro-nutrient amounts. Ditch the latest fad diet and garbage hours of endless cardio.

I’m a dad of two and a business owner, so I know I ain’t got time for that! And I know you don’t have time for it either.

Coach Dom’s K.I.S.S List

Sleep. I’m listing this one first for a reason. Most people don’t get nearly enough sleep. It’s FREE, something you have control over and the benefits can’t be disputed. We all know the feeling of a good night’s sleep. It’s invigorating. Put a little more effort into catching those good sleep feelings.

A few additional hours of sleep each week will have far more benefits than 3 hours of jogging. So put down the phone and turn off the TV an hour early. Then turn out the lights, climb into bed, get some Tuesday night booty and sleep tight!

Water. We can only live without it for about 3 days. I say it’s pretty important. It’s also FREE!

We’re grown ups. And if you want to improve your health and vitality, you need to replace some of the diet colas, excessive coffees, and booze for water.

Colorful Vegetables. Vegetables and fruits provide us the nutrients we need to survive and thrive. They also contain fiber, which may just be the answer to most of our health problems. All of us will benefit from more plants in our diet. If you eat none, start with one. And if you are thinking about whether it needs to be fresh, frozen or canned, then you are making it complicated. When it comes to veggies more is better.

Strength. If you’ve been following my newsletter for a while, you’ve heard me say this before: Strength is the prerequisite for all aspects of fitness. Getting stronger is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your overall health and longevity. It improves bone density, boosts your metabolism, builds lean mass, helps protect you against pain and injury and allows you to enjoy and engage in physical activities deep into your Golden Years. Focus on basic strength exercises 2-3 times per week and enjoy the changes in your body and energy levels. Don’t know what to do? Invest in a coach, learn.

Take A Break. Over the last year, you either embraced self-care or you didn’t. Both ways taught us about its importance. Our health and well-being is at it’s best when we balance work,rest, play, and pray (whatever this means to you).

The benefits of a little more time outside is well documented…

It’s a fact that daily movement – walking, stretching, etc has a positive effect on your mood and attitude…

It’s time we get out of the trap that we ALWAYS have to be doing something. It’s time to buy that hammock you’ve been talking about for years and put it to use. Stop saying you are going to take the trip and take the dang trip.

Improving the balance between work, rest, play, and pray is non-negotiable when it comes to a healthier more vibrant life.

K.I.S.S. put into action would be to pick one of the five things above and get to work on it.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom