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Breakthrough Fitness

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

Accomplishing anything requires hard work and change. That’s reality. Fitness, weight loss and health goals take time. Permanent solutions, require a realistic plan.

I haven’t met many people who have attempted to lose weight and live healthier get it right on the first shot. We’ve all chased the shiny new thing, the quick fix and fad diets. You may have purchased $1,000 treadmills and stationary bikes hoping they were the answer. Now they are used to hang clothes on. There’s also a good chance you’ve jumped in with both feet numerous times, quitting or burning out each time. Not this time.

This time you are going to get it right. You will do this by working backwards from your goals – the reward.

Goal setting provides focus, shapes our dreams and gives us the ability to zero in on the exact actions we need to take to get to the final destination. You can think it’s silly if you like, but skipping this step will lead to the same result you’ve gotten in the past.

Using your definition of fit (Monday’s email from me), your self-evaluation (Wednesday’s email) and your WHY, get some goals down on paper.

Lose weight and tone is not a good goal. ‘I am going to lose 20lbs by April 30th and strengthen my body through proper training, so I can feel good on our cruise vacation- that’s a good goal.

20lbs of weight loss is the reward. The real goals are the daily actions we can create that lead to the reward….

Less chips, cookies, heavy-fat and carb restaurant meals, more daily movement, structured training…..

Without goals, we wing it. And winging it, doesn’t work for fat loss and living healthier.

I suggest setting a 1-month goal, 3-month goal and 6-month goal.

Make them realistic and obtainable. Accomplishment is huge and will keep you motivated and determined to keep improving.

I would love to see your goals and help you reach them. Feel free to email them to me.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom