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Whole Food, Processed Food And The Stuff In Between – Nutrition Makeover 2020

Eating whole-unprocessed foods most of the time. Have you heard this? Yeah, I’ve said it a million times along with everyone else. But what does it really mean?

Whole Food Checklist

  • You can recognize what whole foods used to be.
  • Just enough packaging to cover the item.
  • No ingredient labels.
  • Usually go bad pretty quickly.

Processed Food Checklist

  • You generally can’t recognize what they used to be.
  • Come in packages like boxes and bags.
  • Come with ingredient labels.
  • These foods have a long shelf life.
  • Sold at grocery stores, convenient stores, gas stations and every store for that matter.

The longer a food can sit on a shelf, the longer it can sit on your hips

Whole Food – What Counts?

  • fresh vegetables
  • fresh fruit
  • fresh meats and poultry
  • fresh fish and seafood
  • nuts and seeds
  • beans and lentils
  • whole intact grains
  • minimally processed dairy (fresh plain yogurt)

But what about the stuff in between?

  • canned vegetables
  • frozen vegetables
  • dried beans

You have to ask yourself a few questions:

What are the ingredients?

  • How many steps did this food take to get to me? (do a little research)
  • If the ingredient list is 1-2 things or “not very many”

……then you can call it whole food.

If the answers are:

  • added, non-whole food ingredients (things you can’t pronounce)
  • Quite a few ingredients.

……lean towards another option more often.

Never eating any processed food does not have to be the goal!!!

BUT if losing weight, changing the shape of your body and feeling better are goals, then you need to TRY a few new things.

  • Instead of jarred tomato sauce, learn to make your own. It’s not hard to make a lot and freeze for easy, future use. BUT it does require Action.
  • If you want ice cream, make it. There aren’t many ingredients in homemade ice cream.
  • Yellow rice, pilaf or other packaged, flavored rices are easy to make. Like fresh sauce they freeze well.

Think ahead.

Anticipate, plan and strategize.

Look for opportunities and options.

Are you ready to TRY some new things in 2020?

We can help teach you how to plan and strategize your nutrition for you and your family.

Take action in 2020!

Nutrition Makeover Seminar 2020

When: Wednesday, January 8th & 15th at 7pm
Where: Breakthrough Fitness

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