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Your Holiday Survival Guide- My #1 Tip For Weight Management Advice

In a few days it’s Thanksgiving. We will be celebrating life with family and friends. Normal rules like eating until we are 80% full are hogwash. I’ll personally start my day off with a workout and then I’ll be 100% full off mimosas and my world famous sausage and spinach bread by noon. Stuffed and bloated, I’ll laugh and have good times with family, cooking and drinking until it’s time for the main feast in the evening.

On this one day I will blow all four tires and the spare! I also know that it is not this one holiday or the surrounding days that will ruin all my hard work. It is the normal day-to-day that matters the most.

I’ll use an old article, that I think you’ll find amusing, to explain the blown tire reference.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Blown Tire Syndrome

Another work week is in the books and you’ve stuck to your nutrition and exercise plan all week. You ate breakfast every day, packed a healthy lunch and snacks, and made it to the gym four times. You even scheduled a Saturday bike ride with some friends. Your feeling good about the week and  glad the weekend is here, so you join some co-workers for happy hour. You know its okay because you are “just going to have one”.

 The first drink hits your lips and the unwinding begins. Jokes are being told and good times are being had. Someone decides to order a couple of appetizers, because they’re ravenously hungry. They didn’t plan like you, so they haven’t eaten since breakfast. You’re not really hungry, but the one Moscow Mule has already become two. The alcohol has increased your appetite, so you decide to grab a chip and start to dip. Damn, the chip broke as you were trying to scoop that hunk of artichoke. It’s rude to leave half a chip in the bowl so without thought you scoop again. This time you were so successful, you decided to keep going as if you were on a roll at the craps table. Oh snap, you got some on your knuckle.  You’ve officially blown a tire and veered off your nutrition plan.

What the hell? Who ordered these shots? There goes your testosterone production along with tire number two.

You somehow managed to get out with two tires intact. Now you’re really hungry and you begin to search for cheap, convenient prey. Your choices are bountiful as their bright signs light up the night’s sky, beckoning you with the scents of greasy flesh and salty goodness. It calls to you, ‘your precious’ and your willpower crumbles like crispy bacon. Mmmmmm, bacon!

You pull into your driveway on your unicycle: tread worn thin, air slowly seeping out of the last tire. You get a call from a friend who is having a barbecue tomorrow. Pop! Tire four bursts. You text your friends, cancelling your bike ride, waving good bye to all the hard work you put in during the week. Pass the Sangria and let’s get this fiesta started! Vamanos!

We all blow tires. Stopping and fixing the tire will determine how successful you are at fat loss and weight management.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom