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Group Essentials

Unlimited access to our group coaching sessions.

Complete Personal Training

Personalized plan with your goals in mind.

Nutrition Program

Nutrition designed to help habit-change your life.

Benefits of our Facility

Thanks for considering our facility! We know you have many options to choose from when it comes to fitness. But we're more than a place to get a good workout. We are a team of coaches and members, helping each other get the most out of our time together.
Training Philosophy

We train with a purpose! We train the body the way you move it, all muscle groups working together to develop proper form and full body strength. We use a variety of tools in our programs to maximize all components of fitness.


Our programs take your lifestyle into consideration and are designed to improve your lifestyle. Whether you love playing a sport or just want to keep up with the grandkids, our programs create functional strength to make your daily life easier.


We love helping people change their lives through fitness and nutrition. But you can't make a change by doing the same things you've always done. That's why we change the way fitness is traditionally done.


From our coaches to our members, everyone is a team at Breakthrough Fitness. All of our members work together, providing a pleasant, yet competitive, atmosphere that combines motivation and encouragement. We make fitness fun!

Your Best Workout

Everything at Breakthrough Fitness is designed to make sure you're working out at your optimum level of performance. We don't just focus on building muscles, our aim is to create total body wellness.


We use state-of-the-art heart rate monitors to make sure you are working at your peak performance level.


Our sessions are designed to boost metabolism, increase strength, improve conditioning, and enhance your balance and coordination.


We don't have a room filled with 100 treadmills, we have all the best equipment to work multiple muscles at once.

Schedule Your Free Breakthrough Strategy Session

During this session, we will discuss your health and training history and go through a series of movements. This important information allows us to assess your fitness level so we can set you up for success.