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Group Essentials


Our group coaching classes are scientifically designed to boost your metabolism, burn fat, increase strength, improve cardiovascular endurance, and help you function better in your daily activities.

But this isn’t your average step class. We use a variety of training tools in our group sessions: Kettlebells, bands, ropes, balls, you name it!

We want BTF to be a place where you can find your tribe of like-minded individuals who are all committed to total body health and wellness. That’s why we developed our group classes so that all levels of fitness can workout together. So while you’re working side-by-side with your fitness family, our coaches will still offer guidance and adjustments to each exercise to best benefit YOU.

Group Essential Members receive:

  • Breakthrough Strategy Session to develop your personalized plan
  • Unlimited access to our group coaching sessions


This program is designed for individuals who do not have any limitations or special circumstances that would require a more personalized approach to fitness.

Group Session

12 Months$129
3 Months$159

Membership Includes:

  • Breakthrough Strategy Session
  • Unlimited Group Coaching Sessions


Before we take you through a single workout, we want to first take the time to document your current fitness level. This strategy session provides your coach with a blueprint, so we can design a program specific to your needs.

What To Expect

Your Breakthrough Strategy Session is designed to determine your body’s past, present, and future. Taking a snapshot of your body as it currently is and taking stock of your fitness history will help us develop a fitness plan that fits your current needs and abilities.

Our Strategy Sessions involve the following:

  • Discussion of your health history, past or current injuries, training history, and your personal goals
  • Joint mobility and flexibility tests
  • Movement screen, a series of basic movement patterns
  • Strength tests
  • Measurements, including current body fat percentage and photos.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to fitness. Your program should be difficult enough to challenge you, but not so difficult that you can’t stick to it. Your workouts should take past injuries into consideration, while also addressing and correcting those problem areas.


Your daily routine isn’t done on machines. Your workout shouldn’t either.

At Breakthrough Fitness, you won’t find any “fixed motion” machines. We train the body the way it works, with all muscle groups working together to develop proper movement and complete body strength.

We utilize a variety of training tools in our programs to maximize all components of fitness, not just a workout routine.


Our dedicated Program Writing Department is responsible for writing specific individual programs for each member, based on our in-depth fitness assessment.

We do not design individual workouts. We design 16-week programs that change and progress as our members adapt and change. No plateau-ing here.

Our programs take your lifestyle into consideration and are designed to improve the activities in your life, whether you want to improve your performance in a favorite sport or just keep up with the kids.


We love helping people change their lives through fitness and nutrition by changing the way fitness is traditionally done. There’s a reason that most people abandon their fitness goals. We want to change that.


We are a team at Breakthrough Fitness, from our staff to our members. Our staff and coaches work together to provide our members the best experience possible. Our group sessions create a pleasantly competitive atmosphere that provides extra motivation and encouragement to meet your goals.

We make fitness fun!

Schedule Your Free Breakthrough Strategy Session

During this session, we will discuss your health and training history and go through a series of movements. This important information allows us to assess your fitness level so we can set you up for success.

Schedule Your Free Breakthrough Strategy Session

During this session we will discuss your health history, training history as well as go through a series of movements. This important information allows us to set you up for success.