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Group Essentials

Group Essentials

If you don’t have any limitations and like the idea of showing up at a scheduled time and working in a group setting, our Essentials Membership may be a good fit. During group sessions you’ll:

  • Burn fat, build strength, improve your conditioning, and create a body that not only looks great, but moves well, handling everything life throws at you.
  • Have access to ALL the tools in the training tool box! (Bikes, rowers, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, bodyweight, battle ropes, stability balls, bands and more!) Being a family owned business, we have the freedom to research and develop new training experiences weekly. No boredom, just
  • Be challenged based off of your fitness level (even though you are part of a group).
  • Be coached and instructed on form throughout the duration of the workout.
  • Be encouraged to push yourself to new limits.
  • Work side-by-side with a tribe of people who share your fitness goals!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many people are in a group session?
    9 maximum
  2. During our groups, you are part of a team, but work in your own designated “pod” which is a safe distance apart from fellow members.
    Prior to the workout you’ll grab all the necessary equipment for the session. Once the session is over, we all take responsibility in cleaning equipment, keeping BTF a clean, safe training environment.
  3. Are group sessions offered virtually?
    Yes! We live stream group sessions weekly. A coach is present, demonstrating and providing cues and instruction during the entire session. Just tune in and work along with your coach from home.

You’ll also have access to a complete library of recorded workouts that you can do at your convenience.

Group Session

Program Monthly

Group Essentials Includes:

  • Breakthrough Strategy Session to develop your personal fitness and nutrition plan
  • Our specialized nutrition coaching program 
  • Four weekly group coaching sessions (based on your schedule)
  • Expert coaching from fitness professionals
  • Weekly lessons, videos, recipes, and more to help you live a fit, healthy, happy life
  • At-home or travel workouts available online when you can’t make it to the facility
  • A family of coaches and members to support your efforts and makes your gym time the best part of your day!

Why a commitment?
All of our members want strength, fat loss/body change, and to feel good. This takes time. You’ll see a change in attitude, energy, strength and your body with the first 30 days, but we’ve found that 90 days is the sweet spot for impressive changes that stick around.

All you have to do is show up, follow our advice and we’ll take care of the rest.

w/3 month commitment

Add 20% for month-to-month

Find The Program That Works Best For You!


We love helping people change their lives through fitness by changing the way fitness is traditionally done. There’s a reason that most people abandon their fitness goals. We want to change that.


We are a team at Breakthrough Fitness, from our staff to our members. Our staff and coaches work together to provide our members the best experience possible. Our group sessions create a pleasantly competitive atmosphere that provides extra motivation and encouragement to meet your goals.

We make fitness fun!

Membership Options

It's time to work on a better you!

Schedule Your Free Breakthrough Strategy Session

During this session, we will discuss your health and training history and go through a series of movements. This important information allows us to assess your fitness level so we can set you up for success.

Schedule Your Free Breakthrough Strategy Session

During this session we will discuss your health history, training history as well as go through a series of movements. This important information allows us to set you up for success.