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Navigating Nutrition

The realm of nutrition can seem a lot like uncharted waters lurking with contradictions and confusion.

Should you go with a low-fat diet? Or is it low-carb? What is keto? What about paleo? Should you crush your body day-in and day-out to get results? Is it true that fruit makes you fat?

The ship hasn’t even left port and you’re already lost!

vegetables in wire basketWe’ll Be Your Guiding Star

If information overload has made you feel like a boat stranded at sea, rocking, rolling, waiting to be swallowed by the perfect storm, you’re not alone.

But you won’t get anywhere sitting on the dock.

The good news is that others have charted a course to your destination. People—experts and newbies alike—have navigated these channels many times.

Personal trainers and coaches can be a shining star, guiding your way. We can be the cannons defending you against the obstacles and setbacks that threaten your progress. We’ll also be the current to keep you moving swiftly along. But we cannot stand at the helm.

Only you can steer the ship.


Mapping Your Destination to Wellness

Real change requires:

  • Goals – What is it you want to accomplish?
  • Knowledge – Do you have the right information?
  • Competence & Skill – What are you currently doing well?
  • Consistency – What can you repeatedly accomplish?

fruit in heart shaped bowlsYour Breakthrough Strategy Session

You can’t start your voyage from the middle of the ocean; you need to embark from an accessible port. That’s why we learn as much as we can about you upfront so our nutritional experts can develop a program that’s unique to YOU.

Even the most experienced sailors rely on navigational aids. Breakthrough Fitness is the compass, stars, and map to monitor your progress and correct you when you get off-course.

What To Expect

At your first nutritional consultation, our coaches will take some time to discuss your journey thus far.

Our Breakthrough Nutritional Session will involve:

  • A discussion of your nutritional history;
  • Eating programs you may have tried in the past;
  • Dietary restrictions, favorites, and weaknesses;
  • Current wellness level; and
  • Your personal goals.

We might all be on the same journey, but we’re not sailing with the same equipment. Your program should address the concerns, pitfalls, and goals unique to you. Otherwise, you’re sailing with someone else’s map.

Start Off On the Right Track

There’s no need to venture into the unknown. 

With expert guidance from the coaches at Breakthrough Fitness, you won’t just “believe” that you can achieve your goals, you’ll actually prove it!

If you are looking for a plan designed to help you lose fat or just live healthier and happier, our nutrition coaching programs are the perfect fit.



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During this session, we will discuss your health and training history and go through a series of movements. This important information allows us to assess your fitness level so we can set you up for success.