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Office Fitness

Getting Healthy While Working

With busier schedules than ever, it seems that time for fitness and nutrition is at a minimum. People are working more and more hours with less time for working out, eating well, and recovery. Thankfully, some intelligent folks recognized this and have made it a priority to improve health and wellness in and out of the workplace.

Providing a health-conscious workplace is no longer niche. In fact, it can save business owners and employers a truckload of money.

If you own and operate a business that has employees, you already know that keeping them content with their work is a primary concern. You may not, however, know that supporting their health can save money, time, and provide even better work output.

A healthy person has a better chance of being a happy person. Happiness in the workplace equates to a better quality of work, more motivation, and the ever-encouraging-for-an-employer, inspiration.

An enthused workforce gets more done, plain and simple. So, how do you get there?

There is a direct relationship between fitness and health, with some nutrition sprinkled in, but it isn’t as simple as putting some workout equipment in the office or demanding your team embrace new workout programs.

The key is education and incentives.

Go a Step Further

There are paths to saving money on your company health insurance, providing a better work environment for your staff, and lengthening the lives of those around you for 50% of your day. Office fitness doesn’t have to just be about fitness trackers, leg curls under the desk, and 10,000-step days.

There are also discounts and benefits for you and your team at Breakthrough Fitness, our Oviedo, FL gym. Our unique approach to fitness is results-driven, helping real people with busy lives reach their fitness goals. We don’t offer crash diets, fad workouts, or copied programs. Customized workouts, utilizing the science of fitness, ensure the outcome you want. Call us today to speak with our team about tailoring a program just for you and your staff. Even if your team can’t make it to the gym regularly, we have Challenges, Nutrition Programs, and coaching that will empower your office to take fitness ownership and get moving. Our Summer Shreds have been amazing, helping people shed inches and take authority over their fitness and nutrition goals.

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The Dangers of Sitting

Does your team know the pitfalls of sitting too much? Have you been able to take the time to help your people learn about how a sedentary lifestyle can take years off their lives?

Conversely, did you know that your health insurance provider probably has programs in place to support your goal of a healthier, happier workforce?

According to scientists, there is an actual metabolic syndrome that can affect the body from an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. 

With an average office worker logging nearly 8 hours of sitting every day, people are growing more lethargic, packing on the pounds, and becoming less healthy overall as a result of working in the seated position for longer hours each day.  

Health Insurance Discounts and Opportunities for Employers

Insurance companies have woken up to the needs of the workforce and employers are starting to take notice.

A healthier office fitness program means healthier office members, which is no coincidence. Health has a direct relationship on happiness and stress levels, which also contribute to a better work-life balance.

Many insurance providers are looking for ways to keep their insured employees healthier and more active. In fact, many big insurance companies are even offering discounts to those that make fitness a priority.

Companies like United Healthcare and Optima Health are offering fitness trackers to insured employees and companies like Pact Health allow insurance premiums to rise and fall based on the team’s commitment to overall fitness.

Sometimes, fitness isn’t about the exercise equipment in the gym, but the mindset of creating goals, and reaching for growth. As insurance providers offer amazing opportunities to keep employees motivated, employers can benefit with cost savings, morale, and added health benefits.

What You Can Do

Providing a work environment that promotes moving, getting up, and even working out can motivate team members to take a vested interest in their overall health. You’ve probably seen sit/stand workstations, specialized work desks, and standing desks, the fanciest of which are electronic, smoothly transitioning from a seated to standing setup.

Simple changes like standing regularly, taking walking breaks throughout the workday, and adding office fitness elements to your routine can change your metabolism, add years to your life, and help fight against obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Not only can moving around save your life, it can add money to your wallet and even save you (or your employer) on health insurance.

Encourage employees to eat better, quit smoking, contribute to their HSAs and move more at the office. If you can, provide some workout equipment (you can do a lot with a stability ball) in a common area or send links for office workouts that can be done at a desk.

It's time to work on a better you!