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Summer Shred

Summer is a time to be happy and enjoy life! Summer is usually the time when you take a break from work and recharge your batteries. It’s a time for traveling and spending time with family and friends. If you have children, your routine will be nothing but “routine”. Let’s face it, summer can make it more difficult to live a healthy lifestyle of consistent exercise and good nutrition.

That’s why April & May are the IDEAL months for making a real commitment to exercise and eating well!

  • Going into the summer with momentum is powerful. Six weeks of discipline and commitment will lead to good habits. You’ll be mindful of these habits throughout the summer months.
  • Since most of us plan vacations during the summer, the months before tend to be a time that we can really give a full commitment.
  • And let’s be honest, the summer brings motivation!

How would you feel if you lost 5-20lbs of fat before the start of summer?


The answer is, you would feel AMAZING!

Well that’s what the Summer Shred Challenge is all about! We want you to:

  • Learn to embrace the process of living a healthy lifestyle that incorporates physical movement and good food.
  • Create good habits that will balance out or replace the bad ones.
  • Have a rewarding experience that leaves you wanting more;
    • Days fueled by healthy cooked meals that you prepared.
    • Days with structured exercise.
    • Days with improved sleep.
    • Days with positive thoughts about your body.
    • Vibrant days filled with laughter and happiness!

The Shred Starts April 6th & Ends May 16th (kickoff event - Wednesday night 4/1 @ 7 pm)

The 42 Day Summer Shred Includes:

  • Structured nutrition plan designed to shred fat and keep muscle.
  • A weekly meal planning system accompanied by recipes that are easy to prepare and taste great!
  • Six weekly seminars discussing a topic of focus for the week (these will be videoed and available in our closed Facebook group)
  • Weekly accountability assignments to make sure you get the best results possible.
  • Unlimited access to our fat shredding, muscle building, group personal training sessions! (all levels of fitness can work together. Our team of coaches have the knowledge to provide everyone with the appropriate exercise for your abilities)
  • A team of like-minded training buddies to share ideas and push each other. We believe highly in the value of Teamwork.
  • An environment that brims with happiness and makes exercise fun.
  • The support you need and the results you want!



It's time to work on a better you! Learn more about our summer shred challenge.