Hear what People are Saying


I joined Breakthrough Fitness in April 2013, with the intent of losing weight and toning up. In my first eight weeks I dropped 12lbs and lost inches everywhere. My experience has been much more than just the fitness aspect. My health has also improved with my cholesterol going from 195 to 161 and my A1C (diabetes marker) going from 6.1 to 5.7 and also lowered my body fat percentage. I really enjoy both the classes and the personal training. I love the support of all the Breakthrough Fitness Family. I have made so many new wonderful friends. Dominic, Bryan, and Sandy, are a great team and challenge me to reach my goals! I have now been a member for two years and see myself working out at Breakthrough Fitness for many years to come.

Gale White

Prior to becoming a BTF member I was doing things on my own. Stuff like home DVD workouts, running groups and using the machines at the gym. I made some progress and lost a few pounds, but my body wasn’t changing the way I wanted it too, and quite frankly, I was bored. Within 5 months of working with BTF my body has changed dramatically! I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8. I have lost a total of 10 inches on my measurements and I feel stronger than ever. The team at BTF has taught me so much about my body and how to properly exercise and recover so I don’t get injured and keep getting results. BTF is awesome!

Melissa Barry

In January I decided I needed something to get myself back in shape. I researched various gyms and programs. I made the decision to try BTF, taking advantage of their trial membership offer. That’s all it took for me to be hooked. Before I began we had a strategy session to go over my goals and current nutrition. As with most people the first thing that came to mind was a number on the scale. Dom told me to give it more thought and come up with more specific goals. I realized the number on the scale really didn’t matter as long as I felt good. Since I’ve been a member I’ve lost 10lbs, 10 total inches and my body fat dropped by 7%! I know that with the support and guidance of BTF I will continue to have success.

Roxanne Schultz

Breakthrough friends, because of the coaching, gym and new friends – I ran my first mile without stopping earlier this year and today I ran my first 5k. My new life is awesome and I have so many happy and hilarious new memories to add because of the Breakthrough Experience. I love you guys!!!!

Kristin Sellars

Interval training, what the heck is that?? I was very skeptical when I first talked with Dom about becoming a member of Breakthrough Fitness. Aerobic dance, biking, power walking….those were the things I had always turned to in my workout history. A gym workout had always sounded very boring to me. But, here I am starting my second year with BTF. The staff is so knowledgeable, the classes vary and they put up with our whining. They are always providing us with nutritional guidance, recipes and all sorts of educational material. I have so much fun with the 6am crew. Best of all, I’m home reading the paper with breakfast and a cup of coffee by 7:05….feeling virtuous too. Breakthrough Fitness has been a great experience and Coach Dom is the nicest slave driver I know!

Donna Taylor

Breakthrough Fitness has been a wonderful experience for me! The staff’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition is helping me greatly. The workouts are structured and fun. I like the results I’m accomplishing and the motivation it’s giving me. BTF rocks!

Vickie Lennon

Epic morning at Breakthrough Fitness today – not just because of the workout. After 30 days, I am down 6 pounds and my body fat has decreased by 2%. Three inches less at both my waist and the bust and countless other inches all over the rest of my body. Special thanks to Coach Dom and Amy Wydra for all your motivation. I’m so glad I decided to do this for ME!

Christy Dwyer

I joined Breakthrough Fitness in April, which was approximately 4 months after I had my third child. I gained about 45 pounds with this pregnancy and I was desperate to get it off quickly. Before I got pregnant I was desperate to get it off quickly. Before I got pregnant, I was what you would call skinny fat. I was at my ideal weight but I was not firm- I was mushy and had a lot of cellulite. All I had ever done was cardio; I never picked up a weight. The first workout I went to changed the way I thought about exercise. The first 6 weeks I lost 9 pounds, 9 1/2 inches and I decreased my body fat by 3%. I now enjoy working out and have noticed a dramatic change in my body. At 34 years old and three children under the age of 4, I look better than ever!

Christina Gato