The Ultimate Edge In Fat Loss

During his first meeting with a new team, legendary basketball coach, John Wooden would have all the players take off their socks and shoes. He would then make the team put their socks back on meticulously making sure that every wrinkle was out of the sock. He knew basketball was a game of quick movement […]

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Snacks Gone Wild

Every week I try to provide relevant information through these articles. I get ideas from various sources, but this week’s topic was sparked by Boar’s Head Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus. I have not indulged in this product….yet. Dark chocolate dessert hummus first crossed my radar a few weeks ago when one of my trainers said, […]

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Stop Fearing Carbs In 2018

Let’s set the tone early for the entire year – Carbohydrates are fantastic! Do me a favor and go to the whiteboard on the fridge, the to-do-list or write directly on your bathroom mirror… Carbs are not the devil Carbs are not the devil Carbs are not the devil Carbs are not the devil Carbs […]

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