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Breakthrough Fitness is a results-driven fitness facility located in Oviedo, Florida. We specialize in helping real people with busy lives reach their fitness goals. More specifically, we provide our members with permanent solutions to a fit and healthy body. There are no crash diets, fads, or cookie cutter programs at Breakthrough Fitness. We use scientific principles to design quality fitness programs that will challenge your body to look, move, and feel great! We also know good programs aren’t enough. That’s why we provide coaching, accountability, and a supportive environment to help you reach your true potential.

Have fun and get results

We do things differently than other gyms in Oviedo, so say goodbye to boring cardio workouts and the frustration of doing a lot of work with no results. At Breakthrough Fitness, we believe that enjoyment of the process is crucial for making fitness a permanent part of your lifestyle. Our “team” culture makes fitness fun! Our coaches are personable and compassionate. Our members become friends and accountability partners. No boredom, ONLY RESULTS!


Fitness isn't just for body builders and Olympic athletes, it's for everyone. And BTF's goal is to make it accessible and enjoyable, so you'll stick with it.

Our Team

Our team of experts knows every muscle in the body. We know which exercises will strengthen them. We know how your body will respond. That's a #RealWorkout.

Real Results

We've all bought into the empty promises of programs that didn't deliver. But at BTF, we ain't about that life! True fitness is a full transformation and our tribe can prove it.

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If you're tired of doing the same, boring lunges and eating the same, boring salads without any results, then something needs to change. Find out how to truly transform your body and your life and find the fitness breakthrough you've been looking for.

Fitness is Fun and Rewarding

After you decide to start training, we'll make sure you start out on the best program for your current fitness level. Our team and fun, supportive environment is a winning combination!

Professional quality equipment with top-notch trainers.

We're not a bunch of strangers...we're family. Find your tribe.

Workouts are crucial, but they're not enough. Fuel your body with what it needs.

Wellness is a holistic lifestyle that starts with YOU. Are you ready to make the change?


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During this session, we will discuss your health and training history and go through a series of movements. This important information allows us to assess your fitness level so we can set you up for success.