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February 2019

During his first meeting with a new team, legendary basketball coach, John Wooden would have all the players take off their socks and shoes. He would then make the team put their socks back on meticulously making sure that every wrinkle was out of the sock. He knew basketball was a game of quick movement and direction change. This was hard on the feet. A wrinkled sock can cause blisters. Blisters can lead to loss of playing time which could hurt the teams winning chances. Everything matters. Fiber is the wrinkled

Movement is the engine of health, wellness, and a long vibrant life Purposeful movement strengthens muscles and bones. Purposeful movement forces our lungs to work harder and our heart to beat faster. When you are training your body as one piece, training various exercises at different speeds, the brain is being fueled with cognitive demands. The more we move the better we absorb and digest nutrients from our food. Purposeful movement a few days a week is not enough You sleep six hours. Sit in a car for 30 minutes on