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February 2019

Hey, it's Coach Dom here with your Movement of the Week. Looking to put a little more "oomph" into your workouts? You don’t always have to add more sets, repetitions, or weight to increase intensity. Increasing your range of motion is an often overlooked but fantastic way to challenge yourself and get a more effective workout. These elevated lunges are a step beyond those regular old lunges you're probably tired of. Try this instead and see how you feel!   Rear Elevated Lunges Start off by standing on a step platform, hands on your

Yippiddy Do!  Coach Dom is talking about warm-ups again! Yes, yes I am. If you have sixty minutes set aside for a session, the first quarter is critical. You should be firing on all pistons during the second and third quarter and then you'll taper off in the fourth. Let's lose the term warm up and just call it the beginning. Try to quite all the thoughts running through your head as you begin your workout. In 60 minutes you'll be out the door dealing with everything else life is bringing

Hey everyone, it's Coach Dom with another Movement of the Week. We've all done a typical benchpress about a thousand times, but if you switch it up a little, you can get a lot more bang for your buck.  The standing cable chest press adds elements of balance, anti-rotational training, and core work to give you way more than a benchpress can.   Standing Cable Chest Press Start with your feet hip width apart, holding the cable with your right hand, your arm at a 90-degree angle. Keep your shoulders down and lean forward with

During his first meeting with a new team, legendary basketball coach, John Wooden would have all the players take off their socks and shoes. He would then make the team put their socks back on meticulously making sure that every wrinkle was out of the sock. He knew basketball was a game of quick movement and direction change. This was hard on the feet. A wrinkled sock can cause blisters. Blisters can lead to loss of playing time which could hurt the teams winning chances. Everything matters. Fiber is the wrinkled

Hey everybody, it's Coach Dom here with our newest trainer, Mackenzie, to show you our movement of the week. We featured this movement several months ago, but it's such a great move that we wanted to feature it again. We're talking about side lunges or lateral lunges. We tend to move a lot in "two-dimensional" space—up and down, backward and forward—but we don't usually move from side to side, especially during our workouts. The lateral lunge is a great way to build functional strength in a new plane. Side lunges are an excellent workout

Movement is the engine of health, wellness, and a long vibrant life Purposeful movement strengthens muscles and bones. Purposeful movement forces our lungs to work harder and our heart to beat faster. When you are training your body as one piece, training various exercises at different speeds, the brain is being fueled with cognitive demands. The more we move the better we absorb and digest nutrients from our food. Purposeful movement a few days a week is not enough You sleep six hours. Sit in a car for 30 minutes on