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4 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

With a new year closing in fast, fitness and health may be top of mind or at minimum, leaving the back burner and working its way to the front.

2021 offers a fresh start. But what will you do differently?

Maybe the idea of hiring a personal trainer has crossed your mind. A coach can absolutely help you achieve your fitness goals, but does everyone need one?

Here are 4 situations that may warrant an expert with knowledge on program design, exercises selection, and nutritional foundations.

…and this exactly when a hiring a knowledgeable personal trainer can come in handy:

1. If You’re New To Strength Training Or Working Out In General

When you’re at the beginning stages of fitness, you have a lot of questions and things to learn.

How often should I go…how long should I be spending at the gym….what should I do first…should I be eating carbs or not…should I be using the machines or free weights…

For a beginner, this can be a challenge. And one thing I’ve learned from coaching hundreds of clients, is that most people don’t want to think.

The additional stress of trying to figure out fitness on your own, when you already have plenty of life stress, doesn’t work. Hiring a trainer (if they’re good) will divorce you from the responsibility of training. You just need to show up.

A good coach is going to build a program based off of your abilities and goals. If they do their job well, you’ll be properly progressed through exercises, learning by doing. A coach accelerates the learning curve, helps you avoid common mistakes and is always teaching.

2. You’re Bored

Coach Dom’s golden rules to exercise:

  • Do something.
  • Do something you like.

If you don’t enjoy jogging, don’t jog because you’ll eventually quit.

Hiring a trainer can prevent boredom by keeping your workouts challenging by changing up your routine. My coaching philosophy is “same, but different.” It’s my job to make the basics fun and fresh, so you continue to do them. This variety can help you break through plateaus, but most importantly, it keeps you coming back again and again.

You won’t get strong, lean, fit and happy without coming back again and again and again….

3. You’ve Stopped Seeing Results

Results and improvements keep us driven. When you’ve been exercising for quite some time, improvements don’t come as they once did. The majority of the time, you don’t need to ditch your program. A good coach can evaluate your workout routine and make subtle changes that will get you over the hump. A short-term investment with a coach can help you tighten up form and intensity during your sessions, which will pay big dividends.

4. You Need Support & Accountability

Fitness is a process. Becoming stronger, leaner and happier, requires time and effort. That effort has to be hard enough to elicit change. They’ll be days you conspire with the universe, trying to find something, anything that would be a better option than your workout. The snooze button will have its victories.

We all need support and accountability to grow and improve. Enter a professional coach.

A coach brings a lot to the table -knowledge, attitude, energy, passion, personality…and these qualities are powerful tools that will help provide you the support you need.

You know what else is powerful?

An appointment.

Having to be somewhere at a particular place and time with a professional, who’s passionate about helping you is extremely powerful. An appointment, a good coach that you like and a training environment you feel comfortable at, is a winning combination.

You are also making a financial commitment when hiring a professional. You’ll get a great return on your investment if you show up and trust your coach.

If you’ve been on the fence about hiring a trainer, then these 4 reasons can push you in the right direction. A trainer is a person in your corner, not an expensive piece of equipment in the corner. A coach is someone who believes in you. That belief comes in handy, especially when you may not yet believe in yourself. A coach can provide valuable feedback and help you see things from a new perspective.

If you’re a beginner or you just want to tackle a new challenge, then your first item of business should be hiring a trainer to make sure you’re on the right path.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom