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Are Home Workouts Effective?

We get it; it’s hard to find time to get to the gym. And with a variety of YouTube videos available (for free!), you’ve probably asked yourself whether the gym is even relevant anymore.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with home workouts (I’ve developed one myself!), they can’t replicate the full gym experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the many differences between home workouts and a professional gym.




With a gym, you are surrounded by other people who are working towards their fitness goals too. This is not only a motivator to get your booty in the gym, but you might make some new friends and learn new techniques to work out more effectively.

Because everyone is like-minded, you won’t find many people who try to tempt you into skipping a workout.

At Breakthrough Fitness, we take this one step further with our Group Essentials membership. These trainer-led classes include no more than nine people, so they’re intimate enough to meet new people without being intimidating.


At home, however, it’s just you. There’s nobody cheering you on, nobody who can see your progress, and nobody to chat with.

Dance videos can be a great way to exercise, but it’s not organic conversation and you’ll eventually get bored. If home is the only place you can work out currently, make sure to change up your routines so it doesn’t become so monotonous that you give up.

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Professional Instructions


Whether you take advantage of them or not, most gyms have some form of fitness professionals. They will be able to direct you on exercises that will target certain areas on your body and show you the proper form.

Personal trainers can also help you create a nutrition plan that will include balanced meals that work best for your gender and body type/goals.


If you’re working out at home, you may not know what exercises will strengthen your arms or tighten your glutes. You might not know how to incorporate both cardio and strength training into your workout.

Or, you might just give up halfway through and attack a pack of Oreos instead.




One major pro to being in a gym with a professional coach or trainer is that they will teach you the proper form for every exercise.

Have you ever been told to “lift with your legs”? That’s an example of proper form for squats.

When you don’t use proper form, you’re far more likely to injure yourself and far less likely to get great results. Proper form is an art that fine tunes areas of the body in a safe and effective way.


At home there is nobody to check your form and correct it. Sure, a video can guide you, but proper form takes practice (and usually, another set of eyes).

Unfortunately, without the guidance of a properly trained coach, you could injure yourself. At best, that injury could set you back a few days. At the very worst, you could need medical attention.

Before you work out at home, make sure you have a professional check your form to prevent injury.

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Even the smaller gyms have a variety of specialized equipment that simply doesn’t fit in the average home. Bigger facilities might even include classes, pools, and more.


Even a single treadmill takes up a lot of space in a home gym. Not to mention the upfront expense. If this is the route you choose, keep it effective and simple. Find things you can put away and take out easily.




When you join a gym, you’re paying for a membership. For every workout you skip, that’s money down the drain.

For some people, membership fees ensure that they’ll stick to their goals and therefore, see results much faster.

In a mid-sized gym, such as Breakthrough Fitness, you’ll be surrounded by staff and other members who will notice when you don’t show up. This alone might be enough to get your butt into the gym in the morning.


With home workouts, there is nobody pushing you to go. You may start out motivated, but it’s too easy to set your alarm for 6am…only to hit snooze a dozen times. By the time you finally crawl out of bed, it’s too late and time to get ready for work.

If you just can’t make it into a gym on time, try building in some accountability. Find a trainer or friend who’s willing to hop on a Zoom call with you.



Home workouts can absolutely be effective in a pinch, but they’re no replacement for a gym.

Gyms provide a community feel, instructions from professionals, form correction, and accountability. At home you could injure yourself, never be able to correct mistakes, and could easily choose to do something else.

While we never discourage home workouts (everyone has to take a vacation some time!), we’ve noticed that those who make a commitment to come to the gym see faster results faster, get fewer injuries, and have more fun than those who don’t.

With Breakthrough Fitness as your community and Coach Dom as your guide, we are confident you can achieve your fitness goals.

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