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Are You Good Enough

The start of the NFL season had me thinking about my favorite team, The Miami Dolphins. I was wondering if this is the year they’ll be “good enough”.

Good enough to make the playoffs. A football season isn’t any different than a fitness season.

You don’t have to be perfect or even the best during the season. You just have to be good enough to make the playoffs.

  • The objective is to win weekly.
  • The best of the best teams at the end of the season usually have 12-15 wins (75% or more).
  • The teams that do the best (10+ wins) have a chance of making the playoffs – far from perfect, but good enough.

How many wins can you chalk up in the next 16 weeks?

To win the week you need to do the following things:

  • Eat slowly and mindfully.
  • Stop eating at 80% full.
  • Have a 1-2 palm-sized portions of protein at each meal.
  • Make sure to eat a few servings of vegetables each day.
  • Enjoy a serving of fruit per day.
  • Earn your carbs – If your current lifestyle is very sedentary then vegetables and fruit will supply you with all the energy you need.
  • Pay attention to how many servings of fats you are eating daily – even the good ones can add up fast!
    • Creamer in your coffee
    • pat of butter on toast
    • avocado with eggs
    • pumpkin seeds on a salad + cheese + dressing
    • fats from your animal protein sources
    • olive oil used to saute chicken breast
    • olive oil drizzled on your asparagus before roasting.
  • Do structured, physical exercise with a real effort 3-4x per week.
  • Do as much daily movement as possible – walks, chores, etc.
  • Limit alcohol, treats, fried foods and the rest of the not-so healthy stuff to a few servings a week.

Why the 16-week nutrition and fitness season can work

  • It teaches us that perfection is unnecessary. If we strive for 75% or better, good things happen.
  • You have to prepare to beat one opponent each week – YOU! You know what makes you tick. Your habits,strengths, weaknesses, schedule, excuses, obstacles… know all of it!
  • After each 16-week season you can assess and make changes for improvement.
    • Maybe you hire a coach and build a supporting team to help you improve.
    • You learn what worked well and what didn’t.

Your current record

What would you say your current record is over the last 16 weeks? Remember you are only competing against yourself.

Have the last 10 seasons been like the Miami Dolphins (not so great with lots of improvement last year) or like the New England Patriots (consistently the best)?

If you have been like the Miami Dolphins of the past, maybe making the playoffs isn’t your goal. Your goal should be to:

  • Create a winning mindset.
  • Build a culture of positivity around you.
  • Focus on the basic fundamentals.
    • portion control, less processed foods
    • more protein and vegetables
    • exercise
  • Get some wins!

If you have been like the New England Patriots, your goal is to:

  • Keep hammering away at the fundamentals.
  • Stay relentless for improvement.
  • Pay it forward! – I feel it is a obligation to help your friends who may struggle with building a culture of good habits and positive mindset when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

Each season is a fresh slate

In football, last season was the past. Just because last season was good doesn’t mean this one will be. The same applies for each 16-week nutrition season.

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas are part of this season.
  • Maybe you have a knee issue or something you have to work around now, but will be fine during the next season.
  • Work schedules can change.
  • Kids schooling and sports practices are different.

Stuff will always happen. There will never be perfect circumstances. You do your best to adapt by planning and preparation.

Be good enough.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom