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Are You Strong Enough For Those Just In Case Moments?

Strength is the prerequisite for all things fitness. Everything will improve with strength. The question of how much strength is enough, depends on what it is you want to do during your life.

I think you need to be strong enough for your daily life, but also for those “you never know” moments…..


  • You are at your favorite bands concert. It’s an outdoor show.
  • A little pre-game drinking with the girls in the parking lot and a couple $15 event drinks has you searching for the nearest bathroom.
  • This particular amphitheater has zero bushes. There are also no areas of isolation. 
  • You just found out there is no re-entry, so the parking lot is out as well.
  • You can’t hold it anymore. You have to choose between two options:
  1. Pee your pants.
  2. Use the Porta Potty.

Now this particular portable commode is extremely wide and tall. No railings, walls or ceiling is within your reach. You walk in and soon realize it’s the filthiest thunder box you have ever stepped into. Peeing your pants is looking like a viable option.

Time is running out and you shake off the idea of peeing in your pants. After your assessment, you place your right foot abnormally high on the side of the toilet. With a few small bounces off the other foot, you successfully pop up, straddling each side of the toilet. Pants down enough, but not too much, you slowly drop down into a 90° squat position, arms held out in front for additional balance.

When the stakes are high, can you do a high step up without using your arms and then  hold a perfectly balanced squat position for 30-45 seconds?


  • You are out deer hunting with your old lady. You decide to switch to another location on your hunting grounds. During your transition a 250lb tree branch falls on one of your wife’s legs.
  • Her lower leg is pinned to the earth under this tree branch.
  • The deer urine on her boots designed to attract deer is now attracting bears.
  • Vultures are circling.

The placement of the tree branch has given you a good angle. You have two options:

  1. Set up in a nice deadlift position and lift the 250lb branch just enough, so your wife can scoot free.
  2. Karate chop the branch in half like Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid II.

Your honor is at stake. Can you do it? (Cue the theme song by Chicago)

Most of the time you need strength to make the physical demands of life easier. Sometimes though, you might be in a tough spot. Hopefully you are strong enough.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom