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Exercise Tutorials

Hey, it's Coach Dom here with another exercise tutorial.Today, I'm actually going to show you a combo move that'll help you get more work done in less time. (TWO for the price of one?? It's your lucky day!) This is a good example of a mechanical drop set and one you'll be able to use during your own gym time.  What's a Drop Set? Drop sets are a mainstay in many bodybuilding workouts, but many average gym-goers have never heard of them.During a drop set, you perform one exercise until failure (or

I've got another workout for you today. But instead of breaking down a single move, I'm going to show you a series of fat-burning exercises you can do with just a single set of dumbbells.This dumbbell complex is a great way to burn fat. You can do it as a warm up, as a stand-alone workout, or as an added cardio bonus after your workout.  What Is a Dumbbell Complex? A complex is a series of movements with one training tool; in this case, a set of dumbbells. The idea behind this

Hey, it's Coach Dom here with your Movement of the Week.Looking to put a little more "oomph" into your workouts? You don’t always have to add more sets, repetitions, or weight to increase intensity. Increasing your range of motion is an often overlooked but fantastic way to challenge yourself and get a more effective workout.These elevated lunges are a step beyond those regular old lunges you're probably tired of. Try this instead and see how you feel!  Rear Elevated Lunges Start off by standing on a step platform, hands on your

Hey everyone, it's Coach Dom with another Movement of the Week.We've all done a typical benchpress about a thousand times, but if you switch it up a little, you can get a lot more bang for your buck. The standing cable chest press adds elements of balance, anti-rotational training, and core work to give you way more than a benchpress can.  Standing Cable Chest Press Start with your feet hip width apart, holding the cable with your right hand, your arm at a 90-degree angle. Keep your shoulders down and lean forward with

Hey everybody, it's Coach Dom here with our newest trainer, Mackenzie, to show you our movement of the week.We featured this movement several months ago, but it's such a great move that we wanted to feature it again.We're talking about side lunges or lateral lunges.We tend to move a lot in "two-dimensional" space—up and down, backward and forward—but we don't usually move from side to side, especially during our workouts. The lateral lunge is a great way to build functional strength in a new plane.Side lunges are an excellent workout

 We're doing a stability ball back extension. Everyone has one of these sitting around (probably deflated) in your closet, but this is the perfect time to bring it out. Stability balls are a great training tool; let's finally put that guy to good use.  Stability Ball Back Extension: The Basics Position yourself on your knees with the stability ball directly in front of you. Brace your feet with a couple of heavy dumbbells (so they won't move) and lift your knees slightly off the ground. Place your hands behind your head.Make

We're smack dab in the middle of the holidays, which means the cookies, fudge, wine, and candy keep on coming. You've got family visiting (or you're visiting them), so you aren't able to keep to your usual gym schedule. Unfortunately for you, this all means your fitness suffers.You don't want to avoid those delicious holiday treats (nor should you!) but to get a headstart on those New Year's resolutions and offset the extra calories, here's a quick workout circuit squeeze in some exercise. I call it the "Christmas Cookie Incinerator Workout."

Happy Monday, everybody.It's time for our movement of the week, but this week, I thought I'd do something a little different. Instead of showing you one move, I'll give you a series that you can do the next time you're at the gym. This series is a great way to warmup before a workout.  Movement #1: Stir the Pot You will need: A stability ballPut yourself into a plank, arms bent, with your elbows resting on the stability ball. Keeping your abs and glutes tight, move your arms (just your arms!) in

Hey everybody, it's Dominic here, bringing you another Movement of the Week.This week, I'm going to be showing you a combination move: a squat with a reverse lunge. I love combo moves because if you're short on time (which one of us isn't?) you get a much bigger bang for your buck in a short amount of time.As long as you have a set of dumbbells, you can do this move anywhere.  Squat w/ Reverse Lunge: The Basics Start with your feet hip-width apart in your normal squat stance. Keep the dumbbells in

Hey everybody, it's Coach Dom here with Movement Monday.Today, I'll be showing you a twist on a classic: the reverse lunge with a knee drive.We just put this movement into one of our conditioning workouts today. I really like this move as an effective, low-impact workout, but I also have a few progressions to keep you improving.  Reverse Lunge With Knee Drive: The Basics Start with a lunge back on your left leg. You can bend your knee as much or as little as you like here. If you have knee issues