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Fitness Tips

We had a couple come into the gym a few weeks ago and they were skittish about starting another training program. They had had such a bad experience with another trainer that it made them nervous about starting another exercise and diet regimen.As a personal trainer myself (and the owner of a gym), I hate to see people miss out on hitting their fitness goals as a result of a bad experience. Subpar trainers, gyms, workouts, and diets can all be prevented!Here's what to expect when you first start working

Movement is the engine of health, wellness, and a long vibrant lifePurposeful movement strengthens muscles and bones. Purposeful movement forces our lungs to work harder and our heart to beat faster. When you are training your body as one piece, training various exercises at different speeds, the brain is being fueled with cognitive demands. The more we move the better we absorb and digest nutrients from our food.Purposeful movement a few days a week is not enoughYou sleep six hours. Sit in a car for 30 minutes on

Four months ago you put your words into action by dedicating time each week for exercise. You also made the choice to give up drinking alcohol during the week and drastically cut back on processed foods. During this time you have watched the scale steadily decrease. You are now 20 lbs. lighter!But for the last month, you haven't dropped a pound. You've hit your first weight plateau. Weight plateaus are not setbacks or failure. They are opportunities for improvement. It's always easy when things go our way. Fortunately for us,

Over the last 27 years, I have used an array of barbells and dumbbells, numerous leg machines, a host of pulley machines, and a diverse selection of weight-plate loaded machines. I've used medicine balls, kettlebells, suspension straps (TRX, gymnastic rings), stability balls, resistance bands, sleds and ropes.As you can see, there is no shortage of equipment out there to use. So which is better: the free weights or machines?It depends. You can build muscular strength, endurance, and size using both free weights and machines. But which one is right for you

Summer is in full swing, which is the time when many people have a light bulb moment and realize they need to start working out.But if you're just starting out on your fitness journey, you might not know exactly how to get in shape. After all, if it were easy, there wouldn't be an entire industry of exercise machines, workout videos, diet food, and Spanx, would there?Getting in shape might not be easy, but that doesn't mean it's not simple. These 5 steps will have you getting and staying in