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Changing the way fitness is done

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In the world of strength training, there is much debate on which exercise is king. The argument usually comes down to the squat and the deadlift.   At BTF the deadlift reigns supreme. Whether you’re a sixty year old women looking to preserve muscle, an athlete looking to run faster and be more explosive or you’re forty looking to shed fat and increase full body strength the deadlift is a must. The deadlift consists of picking a weight off the ground from a “dead” stop to a standing position. Yes, you pick stuff

Butt, rear end, derriere and booty are just some of the names for the powerhouse of movement – The Glutes.   There is something magnificent and attractive about a properly working set of gluteus maximus muscles. People appreciate glutes so much that they actually sell underwear with glute inserts. Plastic surgeons offer glute implants and some famous people who have a good set have had them insured! Unfortunately most people neglect their glutes.  As a result, these tremendously powerful muscles that are built to go, not just for show, end up flat and

This Sunday while the wife and I made the rounds at the usual suspects- Home Depot, Pet Supermarket, Bed Bath & Beyond and Costco, I ran into someone I’ve met on numerous occasions. Our paths crossed at the exit of Home Depot where the savory smell of sausage creates Homer Simpson like reactions…..Ummm sausage. The timing was classic. As she turned, eyes closed, mouth open wide, she passionately took the first bite. Her eyes soon opened, only to be flooded by guilt as our gaze met. A wave of guilt

Which one of the following examples best represents your diet? A. This person plans out their meals for the week. They eat small meals or snacks every 3-4 hours. The food they eat is unprocessed and consists of lean meats, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds. They eat 2 servings of fruit and 4-8 servings of vegetables each day. They have minimal starchy carbohydrate intake- rice, pasta, oatmeal, cereal, breads. They usually keep it to 3-4 servings a week. They drink plenty of water throughout the day. They rarely skip or miss a meal. They eat out

I find there are people on each end of the weight loss continuum; those who exercise and those who diet. The diet group decides to lose weight. They dislike physical activity so they do what’s easiest. They slash calories, cut out drinking entirely and go for walks. They drop the 10lbs they’ve gained and lost repeatedly over the years. Their body doesn’t look any different with or without the 10lbs. Then there’s the exercise group. This group is not giving up booze and large portions, so they do what’s easiest. They dig out their

Yes I know it’s hard to believe that this type of ignorance is still in existence, but it is. Just walk into any commercial gym in America and you’ll see it for your own eyes. Women scurrying about on the cardio equipment and men packed into the free weight area like cattle. A few ladies venture out into the vast sea of fixed machines but misconceptions and lack of knowledge keep them from leaving the carpeted areas. Why would they want to step into the realm of free weights? When they glance

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi would begin every season with a speech to his team that started out, “Men, this is football”. He would then start breaking down the fundamentals of the sport. Well folks, this is fitness and there are basic principles that we must adhere to in order to achieve a desired outcome and have success.   The three basic principles are specificity, overload, and progression. It doesn’t matter if you are strength training, running or pole dancing. If you want to get results and continue to move forward you