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Thoughts by Coach Dom

A few days ago, I had a great conversation with an old friend about hiring a personal trainer. My friend has put everyone else first for the last decade and has finally carved out some time for her fitness and health. We discussed details like: How long are sessions? Rates Billing - credit, debit, check, cash, bank draft Does the trainer/gym have a trial? Contracts Cancellation policy, etc. These are important details and should be part of your decision, but not what this article is about.  I wanted to share with

We had a couple come into the gym a few weeks ago and they were skittish about starting another training program. They had had such a bad experience with another trainer that it made them nervous about starting another exercise and diet regimen. As a personal trainer myself (and the owner of a gym), I hate to see people miss out on hitting their fitness goals as a result of a bad experience. Subpar trainers, gyms, workouts, and diets can all be prevented! Here's what to expect when you first start working

Four months ago you put your words into action by dedicating time each week for exercise. You also made the choice to give up drinking alcohol during the week and drastically cut back on processed foods. During this time you have watched the scale steadily decrease. You are now 20 lbs. lighter! But for the last month, you haven't dropped a pound. You've hit your first weight plateau. Weight plateaus are not setbacks or failure. They are opportunities for improvement. It's always easy when things go our way. Fortunately for us,

Hunger exists to keep us alive. But when it goes overboard or ignored entirely, your weight and health start to suffer.  Having a better awareness of hunger and fullness is an important life skill. When you honor your hunger, you'll notice it in the way you feel and perform. When you eat "just because," you'll feel that as well.  Mindful eating can help avoid these pitfalls and also help you appreciate your meals more. So how do you know that you aren't eating mindfully? Are you aware that you are eating even though

It wasn’t long ago that you were in high school without a care in the world. You were the big man on campus, solid muscle built on raw consumption of everything and anything you could put in your mouth. You knew everything and when you spoke people listened. Your actions were bold, and your body looked like whittled oak. Off to college you went, head strong and eager to be free from your parents to do as you please. You had athletic talent that could have been showcased at a smaller college but

While watching TV last night I saw a commercial from one of the video game giants- rhymes with Pony. The commercial was marketing the portable hand held video game. At one part of the commercial a kid was outside playing with his unit and he said, "now I can play outdoors". I'm glad companies are exploiting the fact that kids don't play outside anymore to make another buck. Really, what happened to free play? My mom used to kick us out of the house during the summer. We had to literally