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It’s easy to convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action. The reality is that improving by 1% may not be noticeable, but it can be far more meaningful, especially in the long run. Success is the product of daily habits, not once in-a-lifetime transformations. So, it doesn’t really matter where you are at right now with your health and fitness. What matters is whether your habits are putting you on the right path towards your goals. Focus on your current trajectory rather than your current results. Imagine you have an ice cube sitting

Workouts don't have to be a specific length of time or burn a certain number of calories. The real goal of committing to weekly strength training and movement for the rest of our adult lives is to live a robust, high quality life. A little, often, over the long haul. I put together this dumbbell sequence for anyone that wants to get in a little quality work with minimal equipment (dumbbells) and time (15 minutes). The dumbbell flow covers these basic human movements: ✅ Squat ✅ Bend (hinge) ✅ Push ✅ Pull It also does a few other

When it comes to strength, fat loss and other fitness goals, you can make it fast or you can make it last. I think both are important. Making it fast involves short programs or sprints that get you firmly out of your comfort zone. Here are a few reasons why I think they are important: Visible results, improvements and progress satisfies our need for instant gratification. Seeing and feeling changes is a strong motivator. You can see the “finish line” in these types of programs, which makes it easier to stay focused.

It’s open season. I’m not talking about open season on health insurance, lobster or deer. It’s open season on fat. The period of time between “back to school”/end of summer and Thanksgiving is one of those seasons of life that works well for fitness goals, especially fat loss. Losing fat and keeping it off looks simple on paper, but it’s not always easy in the real world. As the saying goes, “when you make plans, God laughs.” In Fantasyland when you eat well for a week the fat melts off. Everything you do works

Over the past six weeks I've sent you a Friday email with a simple movement we call "reset" movements. Today's video is a combination of all the movements I named the Breakfast Blend. I do this sequence every morning. It helps loosen up my joints and gets my body ready for the day. It also helps me get mentally ready for the day - along with my coffee :) Give it a try and make it part of your daily routine. Breakfast Blend Flow Keep moving, Coach Dom

State-of-the-art equipment. I’ve seen this on almost every gym advertisement since I was a young lad. Some of you might have a state-of-the-art treadmill, elliptical or universal machine at your house. Hell, you might even have an entire fitness room with a variety of equipment. Some of you might even be using this stuff, while others have a state-of-the-art place to hang clothes. Most of this stuff is like your kids toys

#1 Create a caloric deficit We want our body to cannibalize its own tissue (fat) for fuel because there is a fuel shortage in our diet (carbs and fats). #2 Preserve Muscle Provide enough protein so the body makes up for the caloric deficit by using stored fat as energy not muscle. We DO NOT want the body to cannibalize muscle. #3 Send an “anabolic” signal to the body through exercise This means weight/strength training, intense enough to tell the body that muscle is important and needs to be maintained. #4 Enhance

Every aspect of our lives needs balance. We need to find balance between being a slug and being a slave to fitness. Same applies to work, relationships, parenting and continual growth. The struggle is real - Productive Dom Vs. Party Dom Productive Dom I have to say Party Dom, that was a productive week. It was enjoyable drinking a little wine with you last Sunday while preparing meals for the week. Thanks for listening when I said I didn’t want another glass, so I could focus on scheduling out the workweek. I liked

Lunch should just be a meal in the middle of the day that provides us nourishment and keep us energized for the rest of the day. Depending on your work environment, lunch can often be a metabolism smouldering, blood-sugar spiking, nap time at your desk taking, artery clogging, muffin top materializing, pants unbuttoning, chicken parm you taste so good, bad decision. Workplace war zone The workplace is like a war zone when you are trying to eat well and live healthy. You walk in the front door and wonder if Big Sal

While eating dinner have you ever eye-balled your spouse's plate and got excited because you knew they weren’t going to eat all their food? If you answered yes, you are part of the plate cleaning gang. I call it a gang because it’s easy to join the gang, but not always easy to get out. I’ve been working on getting out for sometime, but it’s easy to get pulled back in. For many of us, finishing everything on our plate has been ingrained in us since childhood. There are starving kids all around