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What is circuit training? I define circuit training as interval strength training. I also like the term "cardio-strength training", that I first heard from Coach Robert Dos Remedios. A circuit is a sequence of exercises where the athlete (everyone is an athlete) moves from station to station in a predetermined sequence. At each station the athlete will do a certain amount of repetitions or do the exercise for a specific amount of time before moving to the next station. Between stations there can be rest periods or it can be a

Are you (really) ready to hit the gym? Use our workout checklist to make sure. You know that physical activity is important. But do you take it seriously? As a personal trainer, I've seen too many people make the same mistakes on gym day. As a result, they don't get the results they were hoping for and may even give up on their fitness goals altogether. I don't want this to happen to you!  Structured, planned, purposeful training is what will keep your mind sharp and your body strong. Rather than going through your workout on

Navy Seal training is well documented. We've all heard about the intensity both physically and mentally it is for candidates. The majority of the candidates that enter seal training end up quitting. For them to quit, they have to ring a brass bell located in the middle of the compound, signaling to all that they have quit. The last seven weeks has been a very difficult time for many of us. People have lost their jobs or have taken drastic pay cuts. Many people have an increased workload (which is being

Stir the pot What you need Stability ball How it's done Place forearms on the ball. Feet should be wide for balance. Upper back should be pushed away from the ball and heels pushed towards the ground (they don't have to get to the ground. This just locks the body in place. Abs should be braced tight - on a scale of 1-10 flex your ab muscles around a 5. Tighten up your glutes (booty). Slowly make small circle with just the arms (stirring a pot). Nothing should move except the arms!

Purposeful training (structured, planned strength & conditioning) should be a part of your life. It keeps your mind sharp and your body strong. On average, the truly committed block out between 3-5 hours for purposeful training. Since we are all busy living, maximizing our training time is very important. Use this pre-workout checklist to get the most out of your workouts. Pre-Workout Checklist When was the last time I ate? We recommend eating 1-2 hours before a training session. It's important to fuel the workout, so we can keep the intensity level

We are closing in on the end of January 2020! Like most people you’re probably pressed for time. "Not enough time" is always a top reason for not strengthening and conditioning your body.  That’s where combo moves can swoop in and save the day! Today, we’re breaking down a combination strength training move that’ll work your entire body. How To Do It: Reverse Lunge/Press/Windmill Combo Grab a dumbbell (go lighter than you think) with your left hand and hold it at your shoulder. Step back into a reverse lunge with your

Are you a victim of "Snacks Gone Wild" Syndrome? Kick those bad habits and get your nutrition back in line. In this article, Coach Dom offers his "snacking guidelines" as well as a list of the best snacks to boost nutrition and help you hit your fitness goals. I love hummus. Correction: Chubby Dom loves half a container of hummus with tortilla chips. Once, Healthy Dom attempted to persuade Chubby Dom to try it with sliced red peppers and cucumbers. Chubby Dom obliged and then karate chopped Healthy Dom in the throat.