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Uncategorized A strong, functional upper body requires strong upper back muscles and bulletproof shoulders. The shoulders are involved in all upper body movement. That's why it's important to keep them strong and healthy. Pressing weights overhead is one of the best ways to build strong shoulders. We can do presses with barbells, bands, kettlebells and dumbbells. I like dumbbells because they allow each shoulder to function individually, like they do in real life. Overhead pressing can be done sitting, standing or kneeling. I prefer standing and kneeling because of the emphasis it puts

It's the beginning of a new year, so fitness, exercise, eating better is probably on your mind. The information at your finger tips is endless and your choices bountiful. I'm sure you're reading up on calorie burn, strength training and HIIT training, low-carb vs. low fat, how much protein do I need, intermittent fasting and everything else fitness and health related. All these things have merit, but they aren't items that keep you committed to your goals. But, you know what is? The feeling of Accomplishment. The daily victories of portion control, reducing alcohol,

2020 brought on a lot of changes, which opened my eyes to 3 things that WON’T change: Self-Care is Non-Negotiable: Putting everyone first and forgetting to take care of yourself can’t happen. As stressful as the year has been, we should have learned to slow down a bit, enjoy life and take care of our bodies and mind. Health and fitness MUST get off the back burner and never go back. I’m not talking about a complete overhaul. But steps towards a healthier lifestyle need to happen. The "Other" 165: Structured workout training

When you look at your training, think, "same, but different". I know the flashy, fancy exercises are enticing, but sticking with the tried and true is smart training. Take planks for instance. Planks are probably the least fancy, no fluff exercises you can do. We do them at Breakthrough Fitness, but we don't do basic planks for very long. Can holding a plank for 3-5 minutes make you shake and work like hell? Yep, but it's boring and unnecessary. Instead, we like to take a plank and challenge our members with different

Accomplishing anything requires hard work and change. That’s reality. Fitness, weight loss and health goals take time. Permanent solutions, require a realistic plan. I haven't met many people who have attempted to lose weight and live healthier get it right on the first shot. We've all chased the shiny new thing, the quick fix and fad diets. You may have purchased $1,000 treadmills and stationary bikes hoping they were the answer. Now they are used to hang clothes on. There’s also a good chance you’ve jumped in with both feet numerous

Let's get straight to the point. Losing weight requires a calorie deficit. Calories In vs. Calories Out (CICO) matters. The 4 biggest reasons I've seen over the years holding people back are: 1. Weekend overeating Calories still matter on the weekend. I know many people have a "cheat meal/day". This can work on a fat loss plan, but you still have to understand how it affects your weekly calorie budget. Food labels and restaurant menus aren't totally accurate when it comes to nutritional facts. They aren't even legally bound to provide accuracy. Dinner out

All too often I hear people say eating healthy is expensive. I disagree. Yes, if you are buying grass-fed beef, fresh wild-caught fish and organic chicken, your grocery bill will definitely be higher. However, eating right and including healthy foods doesn’t have to break the bank. If you follow these tips, then you can still eat healthy—and make it fit into your weekly grocery budget. 1. Plan Your Meals Meal planning will do wonders for your diet and your wallet. When you meal plan, you shop with a list. Get what's on the list