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Training movements, not muscles Muscles work together to create movement. The body works as a unit or one piece. Medicine balls foster the idea of training movements. Ancient drawings date the medicine ball back to the ancient Greeks and Persians. They are a fantastic tool to this day.Medicine balls are a staple in our fitness programming. Here are two circuits that you can do immediately. What you'll needA medicine ball - You can use a rubber medicine ball that bounces like in the video or a soft medicine ball like the

After an arduous journey, we now stand before the towering, enchanted forest known as The Holiday Season. The path through this magnificent forest is filled with celebration of life, togetherness and love.The pure beauty of the forest leaves us captivated. Our fitness mindset becomes very relaxed. We tell exercise and good nutrition to take a hike in the woods as we dance, party and stroll our happy assess down Holiday Lane! Never Forget:How many times you passed up free food at your workplace. It may be a little easier

Two weeks ago my beloved Miami Dolphins got their first victory of the season bringing their record to 1-8. While watching football I thought, "what if we looked at our fitness and nutrition as a 16-week NFL season?"The objective is to win weekly. The best of the best teams at the end of the season usually have 12-15 wins (75% or more). The teams that do the best (10+ wins) have a change of making the playoffs - far from perfect, but good enough.Over the next 16 weeks see

I think a healthy life should be filled with:laughter lots of movement good nutrition fulfilling relationships happinessLet's focus on nutrition and fitness (movement). Two things, in my opinion, that can lead to more laughter, happiness and strong relationships! What are you willing to trade to live a fit and healthy life? We only have limited time, resources, energy and brain space. We may not be able to "make" more time, but we can make trades.Saying "yes" to a structured workout might mean saying "no" to an hour of

You might be familiar with the rock, pebble and sand analogy for one's life. Quickly, if you filled a jar with these objects, they would represent:The rocks are the foundation of a meaningful life - Health and family. The pebbles are the things that give your life meaning - friendships, shelter, career, transportation, hobbies. The sand is filler items - material possessions, television, small errands.If we used this analogy for nutrition, it would go like this:Rockswater vegetables fruit lean proteinPebblesunprocessed complex carbohydrates

Let's get a couple of things out of the way:Carbs are necessary for optimal health and performance. Unprocessed, controlled amounts of carbs WILL NOT make you fat. Eating excessive calories in the form of carbs WILL make you fat.Earn Your Carbs This is a very simple approach to carbs that works for most people. We are going to break meals into two categories:Post -workouts meals Anytime mealsPost workout mealMust contain lean, complete proteinbeef poultry fish eggs pork protein powders

Last week I made a big mistake. I went to Costco on an empty stomach. I entered the store, admired the 90 inch TV's for $400 and started snaking down the snack isles. Three isles stacked seven foot high with boxed foods disguised as healthy. The fight between Chubby Dom and Healthy Dom began. This time Healthy Dom prevailed victorious by choosing a jar of unsalted cashews that had the back bumper of the mini-van riding low.Another incident between my "inner Dom's" involved a container of hummus. You see, I

What is the core? The core is comprised of all the muscles in the center of the body- glutes, pelvis, back and abdominal musculature. The core muscles function continuously while we move, sit and stand. Since the muscles of the core are always active, it makes sense that we do not isolate these muscles in training. When it comes to training your midsection, start training movements, not isolating individual muscles Two principles of functional core trainingTrain the core before extremity strength. Get the midsection involved early and often. Activating the glutes and

You’re barreling down the highway, twenty over the speed limit, when you realize you should be heading back in the other direction. Dirty words spew out of your mouth as you look in the rear view mirror. Your wife glances left with a look of pure panic because she knows what you are thinking.Before she can say anything, she hears, “Babe, kids, hold on.”The sounds of squealing breaks and squealing kids pierce your ear drums. The vehicle becomes engulfed in smoke as the tires dig into the pavement, grasping