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If you read any of my stuff you are familiar with my complimentary closing - Keep moving. It’s my way of saying, stay persistent. You have to keep moving mentally towards positive thoughts. You have to keep moving forward towards improvement in all areas of life. You have to keep physically moving your body with structured exercise. Your motivation towards fitness will have ups and downs. You have a spouse to love, children to enjoy and prepare for adulthood, as well as personal ambitions that require hard work and time. Through it

I'm not sure most of us think of things this way, but today is really just our life in a nutshell. In fact, the average American lives about 27,500 days. If you're 35 … you may have fewer than 15,000 of them left. Now, I'm not telling you this to be morbid or anything. I am telling you this because once a day is spent, we don't get it back. You can take the days that were deposited in your account when you were born and invest them in activities that make you happier

Most people do too much. Their lives are cluttered with unnecessary activities, busywork and an array of ‘crap’ that prevents them from doing what is important. They waste their most valuable commodity – time – responding to false urgency while ignoring the truly important. ‘Super busy’ does not mean effective. When it comes to transforming your body and health, Focus wins over Activity every time. The people who are successful at being fit and healthy for the long term, narrow their focus and spend their time on the small things that matter. If you want to

I was getting a new client onboard yesterday and in our conversation she asked, “What do I need to do?” I responded, “Well, you made the commitment to start and that’s a hard first step, so good job on that. Now it comes down to consistency, so what you need to do is just show up. Don’t worry about what will take place in the gym, that’s our responsibility. The only thing you need to focus on is showing up. If you look at any area of your life that you consider

Transform. It’s an extremely powerful word. People come to us wanting to transform their fitness and health. Maybe it’s the power behind the word transform that skews their view of what's required to succeed. "I need to stop eating carbs," they say. Or, "I need to workout six days a week." Or, "No more pizza." These things can help, but they aren’t required. You know what is required? Clarity. Our bodies are complex, and very good at keeping score of everything we do and don't do when it comes to having the body and health we want.

I occasionally hear from clients that they need to pause their fitness and nutrition program. Maybe they're in the midst of a busy time at work. Maybe they're consumed with renovating their home. Maybe it’s summer and the kids are home or a few vacations are planned. Or perhaps, they're overwhelmed with planning a party or family event. If you have ever seen the movie League of their own, you’ll know that “there is no crying in baseball”.Well I’m here to tell you there is “no pausing in fitness”. The “pause mentality”

If you want to be happier: Quit comparing today’s circumstances with the circumstances of the past. Quit focusing on what you do not have right now. Quit spending time around those who don’t lift you up. Quit comparing yourself to others. Quit saying ‘yes’ to things you aren’t excited about. Quit taking what you do have for granted. Quit putting off your health and fitness for another day. Carve out a little time for you. Keep moving, Coach Dom

I always feel nostalgic in May. On May 15th, 2010 I pushed all the chips to the middle of the table, going ‘all-in’ on turning a vision into reality. On June 3rd, Breakthrough Fitness was officially open for business. There was no Plan B. It was showtime. I was 90% excited and 10% nervous. Alright, maybe I was 90% nervous and 10% excited, but that’s what made it so exhilarating. I didn’t know much about business back in 2010, but I did know the importance of customer service, consistency, and community.

The vast majority of our clients at BTF are over the age of 40. Trying to lose weight after 40 is far different than we were in our 20’s. Back then we were young with youthful hormones. This allowed us to blast and blitz our body without really doing much damage. Things change. And what do we do when things change? We adapt. A few things have to happen to lose weight after 40. We need to eat like adults. We need to promote or at the minimum preserve muscle mass at

Losing fat isn’t easy. There are no magic potions and there isn’t any wonder system. You’ll reach your goals one way and one way only. That’s by good nutrition and planned physical effort, backed by an intense desire. Now that I got that out of the way, here are 10 fat loss tips you should consider