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Wednesdays With Dom

Over the last 27 years, I have used an array of barbells and dumbbells, numerous leg machines, a host of pulley machines, and a diverse selection of weight-plate loaded machines. I've used medicine balls, kettlebells, suspension straps (TRX, gymnastic rings), stability balls, resistance bands, sleds and ropes. As you can see, there is no shortage of equipment out there to use. So which is better: the free weights or machines? It depends.  You can build muscular strength, endurance, and size using both free weights and machines. But which one is right for you

Hey everybody, it's Dom here with another installment of "Wednesdays With Dom." I was in a conversation recently about supplements and wanted to share my thoughts. Supplements are a billion-dollar industry, and lots of people are curious about them. Well, I think fitness supplements can work in conjunction with the details, but they can't replace the details. What do I mean by that? Building Your "House" Correctly Let's say you're building a house. You want to start with a good foundation. The basics. Things like the concrete slab and the walls. These are the things that will

You're barreling down the highway, twenty over the speed limit, when you realize you should be heading back in the other direction. Dirty words spew out of your mouth as you look in the rear view mirror. Your wife glances left with a look of pure panic because she knows what you are thinking. Before she can say anything, she hears, "Babe, kids, hold on." The sounds of squealing breaks and squealing kids pierce your ear drums. The vehicle becomes engulfed in smoke as the tires dig into the pavement, grasping

Hey everybody, Coach Dom here with Wednesdays With Dom. We had a little lull at the gym here before the next wave of people came in, so it's the perfect opportunity to share this week's thought. Last week, I mentioned "Just Because" eating, when you grab a handful of candy just because it's there. I hope everybody did better this week and took that advice into their lifestyle, but today, I want to talk about being present in the moment. Learning to be Mindful Last Monday, while I walked my daughter to school, I found