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Breakthrough Fitness

Do This

2020 has been a struggle. I’m sure your physical health and mental health have been on the back burner…I know mine has taken a hit.

But, can you honestly let that roll into 2021?

The pandemic isn’t going anywhere on 12/31. So, that means it’s time to have a plan.

This email could get lengthy with a discussion about planning, but let’s just skim the surface on things you should do.

1. Start thinking about what the 2-3 most important things you need to do to see progress.

i.e. Have protein at every meal, reduce late night snacking, exercise 3 days per week…

2. Craft a plan that’s sustainable and built around your schedule/lifestyle.

3. That’s it.

You’re probably saying, “what, that’s it??”


Do what matters. Focus on the critical few.

Execute the plan and stop looking for distractions.

Stop worrying about the 10th most important thing and undervaluing the top 2-3 most important ones.

This is why we struggle with whatever it is we are struggling with. Instead of doing the 2-3 most important things everyday, we start chasing shiny objects and spending time on the things that don’t matter much at all.

If you want your fitness and health to thrive in 2021, then you need to spend 95% of your effort towards the 2-3 most important things.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom