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Doctor’s Orders

There’s a good chance you’ve had a conversation with your primary doctor about your cholesterol, weight and overall health. And I’m willing to bet that at some point they suggested taking a multivitamin. That’s why it’s no surprise that half of American adults – including 70% over the age of 65 take a multivitamin.

But multivitamins are not a ticket to optimal health. A healthy life revolves around lots of physical activity and a well-balanced diet of foods that come from nature.

A good multivitamin supplement won’t replace anything, but it can definitely fill in the gaps.


Water is the basis for all nutrient delivery systems for all forms of life. That’s why I gravitated towards learning more about liquid supplements, which led me to discovering Vibe from Eniva Health.

So many factors like age, health challenges, digestive issues play a role in how your body will absorb nutrients. Now you combine this with artificial ingredients, harsh preservatives, fillers and binders that inhibit nutrient absorption and your multivitamin is pretty much rendered useless.


If you are currently taking a multivitamin, I highly recommend giving Vibe a try.


A 1oz shot of Vibe mixed with a glass of water (more water is always a good thing) provides you with a powerful dose of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals needed to fill in the nutritional gaps. And the liquid “body-ready” design increases the likelihood nutrients will actually be used by your body for good health.

Vibe contains NO fillers, binders, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives (the high-potency green tea complex acts as a natural preservative).

I guarantee if you try Vibe for a month, you’ll feel the difference it has on your energy and health.


Keep moving,

Coach Dom