Five Key Elements Of Good Nutrition

If I asked you what a good nutrition plan looks like, what comes to mind? Do you think about vegetables? Three square meals? Granola, wheat grass and juice cleanses? Or slabs of beef wrapped in a lattice of bacon?

The correct answer is slabs of beef wrapped in a lattice of bacon! I’m joking, a little. Why can’t this be part of a good nutrition plan?

There is no shortage of diets and miraculous meal plans out there. You have the:

  • Paleo clan
  • South Beach die-hards
  • Low carb zealots
  • High fat gangsters
  • The Intermittent Fasting cheerleaders
  • And numerous others

They are all different, but they all can work. How can this be?

It’s because they all have similarities, but we all want the secret disparity that magically makes the fat disappear!

Five Key Elements Of Good Nutrition

  • Care about what you eat
    • Be mindful and aware of what you are eating.
    • Has anyone done the nutrition plan that says don’t even think about food? You’ll get your best results by waiting until you are very hungry and then go in search of the most convenient food possible. Do this three times a day.
    • A good nutrition plan starts with some sort of plan. It might be a rough draft that has you thinking beforehand about what you are going to eat.
    • If you care about your health, start with being mindful and aware of what you are eating.
  • Focus on food quality
    • No decent diet asks you to eat more processed foods.
    • Every diet or nutrition plan will recommend eating whole foods that have been growing or grazing in nature for a very longtime.
    • Better quality = Better Health.
  • Eliminate nutrition deficiencies
    • When you start a new diet, you pay attention to your food choices and food quality. By doing this, you start to get the appropriate amounts of nutrients for optimal health.
  • Control appetite and food intake
    • It’s hard to stop eating cheddar popcorn and squares of dark chocolate. “But wait coach, they say it’s so good for us.” Yeah, they say a lot of things.
    • When you eat high quality food, you can eat a lot. The quantity of food will control your appetite because it’s loaded with nutrients and low in calories.  You will feel satisfied. This delicious, healthy food will make you feel better and perform better. You’ll start to enjoy this feeling and do what is necessary to keep it moving forward.
  • Physical exercise
    • You probably heard something like, fat loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Whatever. Every person I know that lives a healthy lifestyle eats well and does physical exercise. You can keep thinking exercise is not important, but you are limiting your potential. Physical activity changes how your body uses and processes nutrients. This is why the muscular, fit person can eat more food and still keep their lean physique.
    • Active bodies respond differently than inactive bodies to the same nutrition plan.
    • Build muscle, elevate your metabolism. Simply put, keep moving!

Forget about how good or bad you think your nutrition plan is currently. Here is the question you should ask yourself – How is this working for me?

I suggest tracking everything that crosses your lips for four days. Make two of those days the weekend. What key elements are you missing? What is the one thing you need the most work on? Start with that and get to work. Chip away little by little, making small improvements.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom



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