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Friday Reset – Simple Movements For A Better Life

Movement is life!

Movement involves strength, balance, coordination, stamina, body awareness. As long as we keep moving all these attributes of being a human stick around. Problems arise when we don’t move as often as we should.

So let’s get moving!

I’ve been toying with the idea of a series of emails titled, ‘Friday Reset’. This is email #1.

In this series we will focus on simple movements and drills that improve balance, mobility, quality of life and help you feel great each day. These will be simple to do and easy to add into your daily routine.

By the end of the series, you’ll have a list of movements that will help you engage your midsection and improve mobility in your neck, shoulders, hips, back and ankles. The list remains useless until you DO the work.

Let’s get started!

Reset #1 – Breathing

Breathing is something we do without thought, but let’s give it a little attention.

We are supposed to breathe using our diaphragm, but for some reason, adults unlearn this natural breathing reflex. Breathing into our chest, like most adults do can weaken our core. Regaining and relearning our natural way of breathing is why I chose it to be our first reset.

Breathing lesson – 5 minutes per day

  • Practice breathing through the diaphragm/belly and lower ribs instead of your chest, neck and shoulders, which can lead to neck pain, poor upper back mobility and poor digestion.
  • Lie on the ground, place your hands on your belly/lower ribs.
  • Take a nice slow deep breath through your nose filling up your belly with air.
  • Now take even longer to slowly exhale as you let your hands guide your ribs and belly back down.
  • Repeat for 5 minutes.

Learning to be a belly breather will allow you to be more efficient in your day to day activities, as well as any sport or recreational activity you do. This is because you are able to take in more air, and not use as much energy by breathing with your accessory muscles.  Breathing Demo

Keep Moving,

Coach Dom