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Golden Nugget For 2020 – Drop The To-Do List And Create A Non-Negotiable “DO NOT DO” List

One thing there is plenty of in today’s world – DISTRACTIONS.

It’s easy to add more and more to our to-do lists, which makes us feel overwhelmed and stressed. It also keeps us from doing a few things really well.

Regarding fitness and nutrition adding more DISTRACTIONS might look like this:

  • I need to add another day of cardio.
  • I need to stretch more.
  • I need to lift heavier weights.
  • I need to lifter lighter weights for more repetitions.
  • I need to take ice baths for inflammation.
  • I need to take turmeric.
  • I need to drink green tea.
  • I need to stop eating carbs and go Keto.
  • I also need to try intermittent fasting.
  • I just watched Game Changers and now I need eliminate meat and go all plant-based.

Typing these things gave me anxiety!

You’ll get better, long-lasting results by effectively doing less things better. Focus on a couple of habits and be relentless in your pursuit.

  • I Do Not eat after 7pm.
  • I Do Not eat fried foods because it makes my stomach feel terrible.
  • I Do Not hit snooze when my workout alarm goes off in the morning.
  • I Do Not let others sabotage my hard work and effort.

These are a few examples. Make your own list of “Do Not” non-negotiable items for 2020.

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