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How To Overcome Your ‘Until’ Moments

I eat well until dinner, then I want to eat everything in sight… A friend of mine said this recently when discussing nutrition. Which gave me the idea for this article.

Do you know your “until’ moment?

I have intentions of eating well until I get to work and see that someone brought donuts and danish.

I eat well until I sit down on the couch and watch TV.

I do well until wine hits my lips. It’s so tasty on my lips that it’s hard not to finish the entire bottle.

I do well with my fitness until life gets a little hectic and throws me out of routine.

I do well until stress builds up. Then I turn to chips and chocolate.

What can change?

I can fill up on a nutritious breakfast before leaving the house.

I can read a book or work on a project around the house instead of watching TV.

I can let the wine rack stay empty and enjoy a cup of calming tea instead.

I can exercise first thing in the morning before life begins.

I can take an evening walk to clear my head and not keep chips and chocolate readily available.

Michael Jordan was once told, “there is no ‘I’ in team.” He responded, “yeah, but there is in WIN’.”

We can’t change without wins, so identify your ‘until’ moments and get to work.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom