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I Think Coach Dom Is Trying To Kill Us!

“Dom must have had a bad weekend” and “I think Coach is trying to kill us” are just a few phrases I sometimes over hear while walking through the gym during training sessions. For the record, I never let my personal life dictate a training program. And death would just be plain bad for business.

But, I am a coach and I love being a coach, which comes with responsibilities. Here are a few of my duties as a coach:

  • Provide the path (the plan and a place to execute the plan).
  • Sometimes I get to sit back and be inspired by your effort and success. Other times I “carry” you from here to there.
  • Make fitness enjoyable by creating an environment that is comfortable and fun for our clients.
  • Help clients come up with solutions that will help them reach their goals and improve their fitness and health.

Training programs that produce results

This is the duty that gets me dirty looks and leads to the above phrases. As a coach it is my duty to find out how much you can handle. My team and I get a few days a week to help our clients improve their strength, conditioning and overall fitness. This means the sessions will be hard. You will be out of your comfort zone on the fringe. The fringe is where results are earned. Each day we try and recruit as much muscle fiber as possible. The more muscle fibers recruited the better the result. We will do this by working the entire body each session. This recruitment of muscle will make your cardio-respiratory system respond. Your heart will pump blood at a rapid rate and your lungs will be forced to create oxygen. Your energy stores will get depleted. You’ll be challenged appropriately, so that you can still function and be successful. Your body will feel fatigue and your muscles may get sore occasionally. Soreness is not the objective, but it sometimes comes with the territory.

It’s science, but it ain’t rocket science

There are training principles that need to be followed. I am not randomly throwing manure against a wall hoping to produce results. Within the boundaries of these laws my options are limitless. Everything can work if designed correctly.

Factors that your coach should take into consideration

  • What is your current fitness level? This tells me how much stress you can handle.
  • Do you have previous or current injuries? This tells me that we need to be careful on how we stress a particular joint.
  • What is your biological age? A 70 year old body handles stress differently than a 30 year old body.
  • What is your training age? How long have you been lifting weights, running and exercising. My training age is 30. I’ve been sprinting, jumping, running and lifting weights for 30 years. I will adapt and respond differently than someone new to the game. New is an awesome time in the fitness game!
  • How is your sleep, nutrition and water intake? These three items are what allows you to recover from the stress. If they suck, your training sessions will suck.
  • How do you handle life stress? Work, family and our day-to-day… Is it under control?

Exercise is simply physical stress. A good stress. The body handles the stress or succumbs to it. When it handles the stress it becomes stronger, leaner and more resilient. This is the goal. It is my duty to find your stress threshold.

The objective is to feel good from your sessions, see improvement and enjoy the process. Great job to you, your coach, workout buddy or team if this is happening. But, if you feel miserable after your sessions and they are affecting other areas of life, then you need to consider finding another path.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom