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Jump And The Net Will Appear – Happy Birthday Breakthrough Fitness!

Happy Birthday Breakthrough Fitness!

June 3rd, 2010 we held the Grand Opening event for Breakthrough Fitness.  This was the corporate hierarchy of Breakthrough Fitness in 2010.

  • CEO – Dominic Lucibello – Zero experience operating a business.
  • CFO – Dominic Lucibello – Excels at gym math. The bar weighs 45lbs and by the thickness and dimension of those weight plates on the bar, I’m going to say that’s 95lbs?
  • Sales Division – Dominic Lucibello – How hard can it be? I enjoyed the movie Tommy Boy, which was all about sales! – “You can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a cow’s ass or you can take the butcher’s word for it. What will it be?”
  • Marketing Specialist – Dominic Lucibello – Wait, you mean people won’t just find us on their own?
  • Program Design – Dominic Lucibello
  • Trainer – Dominic Lucibello – Looking back, I didn’t deserve the title of Coach.
  • Janitor – Dominic Lucibello – Mad skills with a mop Yo!

The back story (short version)…..

Ten years ago I relocated from Pompano Beach to Oviedo with my girlfriend (now my wife), so she could obtain her master’s degree from UCF.  I did not know a single person.  I began networking and meeting people. I slowly started picking up a few personal training clients.  Soon, I was driving all over the Greater Orlando area training clients in homes and parks. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was not how I wanted to spend my days. That’s when the vision of Breakthrough Fitness started to form.

When opportunity knocks….

Shortly after the idea of opening a facility, I attended a one-day learn by doing seminar held by Perform Better in March of 2009.  Alwyn Cosgrove was one of the presenters. His presentation was titled, “Transitioning from a trainer to business owner”.

Six months later I’m in Santa Clarita, California for a 3-day mentorship at Alwyn’s gym, Results Fitness. During that weekend Alwyn and his wife Rachel became my mentors and business coaches for the next two years.

Six months after that Breakthrough Fitness opened it’s doors. It’s showtime!

Action is necessary

A vision without action is just a dream. I first took action by investing in becoming a better coach. I went to the Perform Better Conference that weekend to learn a little. I had no idea of the series of events that were to follow. Once you take that initial step it becomes a little easier. I’ll never forget Rachel (Cosgrove) using the phrase, “jump and the net will appear”.  I’m glad I jumped.

Believe in yourself and your abilities even when you are nervous and afraid of the unknown.

Ask for help

Be brave enough to admit you need help. Everyone of us has an aspect in our lives where we could use a coach or mentor. Maybe it’s simply reading more books in search of knowledge. I needed a lot of help to start Breakthrough Fitness.

Fast forward to the present and BTF is close to 200 members and growing. That’s 200 amazing individuals who all asked for a little help. That’s also a lot of people to provide the service and experience you say you are going to provide. That requires a team.

The team

A few characteristics of a good team is that it’s diverse, balanced and most importantly effective. The current team at Breakthrough Fitness is so amazing that I’m just going to introduce them in this article, because they deserve an entire article to themselves (Hint – next weeks blog).

Julia Bertot – Coach

Sam Dimmick – Smoothie Master

Dominique Delaney – Coach

Angelica Teply – Coach

Brian Woods – Coach

This talented group of individuals came together over a year ago forming an amazing team. Everyday I am thankful for their passion to create a wonderful experience for our members. They take ownership and pride in everything they do. Please be sure to read next weeks blog.

Thank you

Thanks to all the team members past and present. Thanks to all the members who put their trust in us. Some of you have been on the ride since 2010. Some have just got on. However long you time with us, we hope we can help you upgrade your life through fitness and wellness.

See you at the gym!

Keep moving,

Coach Dom