The Fat Loss Edge

Every little detail matters. I mentioned this in last weeks blog about building a solid body. Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, during his first meeting with a new team would have them all take their socks and shoes off. He would then make the team put their socks back on meticulously making sure that […]

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The Warm up

The warm up is often overlooked as an important component of a training session.  This is a big mistake. Walk into any commercial gym and watch the sequence of events that takes place. People will check-in at the front desk, hang their keys and proceed to a treadmill or some other piece of cardio equipment. […]

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Consistency Month

My complete lack of proper water intake lately has prompted me to make the month of May Consistency Month. We are asking you to pick something that you really want to be consistent about on a regular basis and focus on making it happen. It might be going to sleep before 10pm three nights per […]

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