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Breakthrough Fitness

Strength Training Is Quality Of Life Insurance

Movement is the engine of health, wellness and a long, vibrant life

“Thank for all the squats, we will never complain again.” – Kristen B. on hiking Hawaii

“Dude, I barely fit in this narrow stairwell in Amsterdam and there was no way to drag the luggage. Those farmer carry’s sure did come in handy as I had to lug those suitcases up a multiple flights.” – Justin B.

“The Himalayas were entirely awesome……..amazingly wild and rugged beauty…….My fitness was perfect. Never was sore, or fatigued. Never ran out of energy or felt like I couldn’t physically do something. That says a lot, btw, because there were quite a few people who just couldn’t make it. I climbed straight up into Everest Base Camp no problem. And that’s saying something since Base Camp is above 17,000 feet. I saw many, many people get helicoptered out because of physical issues.” – Bruce W.

“I was able to ski first lift all the way until the last run all four days. My buddy couldn’t hang.” – Carl S.

“The sled pushes definitely helped me handle the hills during my bike rides” – Josh H. discussing his insanely long ultra bike rides.

  • We are designed to move.
  • Movement makes our bodies and brain work better.
  • Muscle and strength is the driving force behind quality movement.
  • Purposeful training is a must for aging well and healthily.
  • A body in constant motion digests and absorbs food differently than a body that is sedentary.
  • You have full control on increasing your daily movement.

There are 5 months left in 2018. It’s time to start moving….

Strength & Conditioning is Quality of Life Insurance