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The Fix

Today I’m starting my personal “Six-Weeks Out” program. I’m using my birthday as short-term motivation, which is six weeks from today. My goal for the six weeks is to shed a little fat while not losing muscle. I’ll use photos and body measurements to track progress.

Phase One of the program, I’m calling “The Fix.”

The Fix consists of two important things:

  • An honest review
  • A simple plan

My initial plan goes as follows:

  • Eliminate/reduce alcohol.
  • Eliminate/reduce bread/flour products.
  • Eliminate/reduce ice cream
  • Don’t clean the wife and kids plate of food.
  • 120 oz of water each day.
  • 6-8oz of protein each meal.
  • 4-5 servings of vegetables per day.
  • 1-2 servings of fruit per day.
  • Control portions of carbs and fats.
  • 3 strength/hypertrophy training days per week.
  • 1-2 circuit training days per week- predominantly bodyweight training.
  • A whole lot of walking – 2-6 miles per day.

This simple plan started with an honest review. Now I can take my plan and work on the details – what will I cook… When will I schedule my training sessions and walks…what events and gatherings are coming up…

From here I’ll turn my plan into a checklist. At the end of each day I’ll check whether I did it or did not. Then I’ll review it at the end of each week asking a few questions…

  • What’s working well?
  • What needs changed and improved?

It sounds too easy right?

That’s the point! It doesn’t have to be this perfect plan. Just plan to start and then improve as we go. If you want to improve things start with the obvious, the low hanging fruit and make changes.

The plan above will be my foundation for the entire six weeks. After week three, if I’m checking all my boxes, I’ll dial things up a notch.

So, Instead of worrying about the ideal 3-month plan or whatever, focus on the tomorrow plan. If we do that we’ll be in much better shape.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom