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The Struggle Is Real – How Do You Create Balance?

Every aspect of our lives needs balance. We need to find balance between being a slug and being a slave to fitness. Same applies to work, relationships, parenting and continual growth.

The struggle is real – Productive Dom Vs. Party Dom

Productive Dom

I have to say Party Dom, that was a productive week. It was enjoyable drinking a little wine with you last Sunday while preparing meals for the week. Thanks for listening when I said I didn’t want another glass, so I could focus on scheduling out the workweek. I liked your idea of focusing on three wins each day. It felt really good accomplishing the most important actions to reach our goals. I’m surprised I didn’t think of that since I’m Productive Dom. We also need to keep working on our sleep rituals. No alcohol, phone or screen time an hour before bed worked really well.


You might not like to admit Party Dom, but we worked as a team overcoming procrastination. I know, I know, I get all mushy and it’s cliche, but when we are positive the world really does seem to conspire with us in reaching our goals of happiness and fulfillment. I’m looking forward to another great week. I appreciate you, Party Dom. Thanks for keeping things fun and interesting, even though we know I’m always right.

Party Dom

Duuude! I told you to make sure you bought enough apples to last the entire week. You knew the kids have been eating an apple a day. That’s 2 apples a day + 4 more for us. That’s like 12 apples. Now we have to get apples on Thursday. And guess what? Publix has wine on BOGO! You know my ass can’t pass up bogo wine. You’re killin me smalls.

I agree that we crush business, workouts and happiness when we only drink on the weekend, but I’m party Dom for Pete’s sake. You know I’m up for a good time all the time. Maybe if you weren’t so concerned with all that sentimental crap you would have purchased enough apples for the week.


Ugh, sorry Productive Dom, you didn’t deserve that. If it weren’t for you, life would be very unbalanced. Thanks for all you do. Can I pour you a glass of wine?

The struggle is real when it comes to finding balance in life. I like to divide life into four sections – work, rest, play, pray. If all I did was work, my life would be out of balance. I would be missing out on quality time with my wife and kids. I would also not be making time for my health and wellness, which is really important to me.

I’ve learned that balance doesn’t mean all four areas are always getting equal attention. Maybe work is demanding for a few months and then you take a full week vacation to rest and recharge. The same applies for your fitness and wellness. Sometimes it will be up and sometimes it will be down, but it should never be OFF.

Ultimately, I think it’s happiness we are all after. I also know it doesn’t just happen. You have to work on it like anything else. Creating balance in your life will have a tremendous impact on your happiness.

Where are you on the fitness spectrum? Are you a slug or fanatical?

What about work or other areas of life?

What small change can you make?

Keep moving,

Coach Dom