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Which Trainers Are Worth Their Weight In Gold?

In the not so distant past, an average personal trainer could simply “look the part” and not be shy and they could do okay.

Looking like you work out, striking up a conversation and having some basic knowledge about teaching someone how to exercise may have been enough to get some clients.

You should never settle for “just enough.” You deserve better.

These days, people have so many more obstacles standing in the way of achieving their health and fitness goals. Gym restrictions, social distancing, stress, not enough space or equipment to get an effective workout at home … the list goes on.

During the “new normal,” a personal trainer or fitness studio needs to be infinitely more qualified, creative and effective than ever before.

Here are some key things to keep in mind when hiring a trainer or joining a fitness studio:

Professionalism: Trainers who only take cash, charge every client a different price and don’t have at least a simple membership agreement and waiver document should be avoided. If they’re cutting corners with their own business, where are they taking shortcuts with your program … and your health?

Cleanliness: This has always been important — we were disinfecting equipment after each use for years before COVID, but it’s non-negotiable these days. Any trainer or studio you decide to trust with your health should at MINIMUM be following the local health department guidelines in your area. Requirements vary depending on where you live – masks while training, temperature checks, etc. I strongly feel social distancing is priority #1. A studio that is still cramming 20 people into a small space, calling it “personal training” and taking unnecessary risks with your health is something to be avoided.

Innovation: The best trainers are always continuing to educate themselves, and that includes learning how to coach their clients through the enormous obstacles they’re facing today. Any trainer can teach you how to squat. The ones who’ve taken the time to educate themselves on how to help you balance healthy habits, use technology to get better results with online training and adopt an effective, easy-to-follow nutrition plan are worth their weight in gold.

A cheerleader and rep counter is easy to find if that’s what you want. I think you’ll be much better off hiring a responsible, innovative professional who can help you solve problems and overcome obstacles, so you can achieve the body and health that you want.

Speaking of which, over the next few days, I’m going to take you through a free mini-course on the ONE thing you can do to improve your diet if you’re looking to lose weight and tone muscle. Stay tuned for my Protein Mini-Course and learn what protein can do for you and some simple tips for getting more high-quality protein sources in your diet.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom Lucibello