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Why Focusing On Habits Is The Best Approach For Fat Loss

If I asked you to list the first four criteria that come to your mind for living a healthy lifestyle, what would they be?

Mine would be:

  • Don’t smoke tobacco
  • Eat five servings of vegetables/fruits daily.
  • Exercise five times a week for 30 minutes.
  • Maintain a healthy bodyweight.

Would you believe me if I told you only 3% of North Americans were doing this 4-part combination of basic healthy lifestyle tasks. Well, I wish it wasn’t true.

Here is what I know:

  • Cookie-cutter diet plans can work for short periods of time, but almost never long-term.
  • There are many ways to lose “weight”. Chopping off a limb is one way. Any takers? It’s not weight we want to lose, it’s FAT.
  • The hardest part about fat loss is keeping it off.
  • Nutrition that works for life is built on basic principles. They aren’t sexy or flashy, but this is where success happens.
  • Diets do not work because:
    • They don’t take YOUR life into consideration, so it set unrealistic expectations.
    • The diet knew nothing of your eating habits and behaviors that have formed since childhood.
    • The diet knows nothing about what food is to your family or culture.

Factors (with examples) that are involved in maintaining a healthy bodyweight

    • Food choices – too many processed foods, getting dehydrated, drinking too much alcohol…..
    • Eating behaviors – eating too quickly, irregular eating habits, over-eating……
    • Exercise and activity – getting enough regular physical exercise, over-training and not managing training loads.
    • Recovery – not getting enough sleep or adequate nutrients…
    • Mindset/psychology – all-or-nothing thinking(yo-yo dieting, either I’m perfect or I failed…)
    • Life skills – basic food preparation, shopping and food awareness….
    • Environment – unsupportive social networks (family, friends, coworkers), an environment that requires too much active “willpower” and mental strength….
You need a plan that is right for you. A plan based around mastering fundamentals.
  • You don’t have to do everything at once to get results.
  • Everything is not so broken that it can’t possibly be fixed.
  • You do not need a complicated plan.
  • We need to get VERY clear on what, exactly, you want to do.
  • Focus on one SMALL thing at a time.
  • Play the long game – If you want the fat to stay gone for good, it takes time.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Start at the beginning (you may not currently know where to start).

Nutrition Coaching (How we can help)

  • Listen and understand, so we can help you clearly identify your goals.
  • Create an action plan together. This is a collaborative approach.
  • Hold you accountable to your daily tasks – using technology and software we will be able to communicate daily.
  • Choose (together) when it’s time to move on to the next action step.
  • Track and monitor progress.
  • Help with problem-solving.

As a Precision Nutrition ProCoach, I have the tools and knowledge to help you succeed at fat loss. But, since this is a new service, I also want to make sure we deliver on value and exceed your expectations.

To make sure we deliver, we are only opening up 6 spots to those willing, ready and able to try a new approach to fat loss.
Starts June 10th!

If you are interested in nutrition coaching, text me (Coach Dom) at 407-350-8080. Please provide your full name.

I look forward to being your coach and teammate!

Keep moving,

Coach Dom