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You Need to Hear This

From Lizzette…

“We are going to try and be fun parents this week 🙂 We will miss our dose of BTF this week, but here’s some awesome news…


Almost a year ago, I joined Adrian at BTF. I had some extra fluff on the hips, thighs and belly that has been stubborn since I turned 35.


Here’s the truth- the scale is only a few pounds lighter now than last year. But, muscle is more dense than fat. Look at this…


The shorts I wore last summer don’t fit anymore. I had to go down two whole sizes! Was I pissed about not fitting into my favorite Loft shorts? Yes, yes I was 😆 But, I’m more excited that I’m doing pull ups(!) and gaining muscle that will keep my metabolism running better as I head into my 40’s.


Women can get so disappointed when the scale doesn’t move and actually stop the exercise and eating healthy protocol because they feel it’s all or not. This idea plagues most women. I was chatting with another member the other day and she was visibly concerned about the scale moving up a few pounds. But, I see her lifting heavier weights and getting stronger. Women need to hear this – the scale moving up doesn’t mean you’re getting fat. Take a look at the other accomplishments and let *that* be your litmus test!” – Lizzette B.


We (me and the women clients of BTF) have a running joke that “it’s always my fault”.

Client: Coach, I put on 2lbs.

Me: How?

Client: I don’t know.

Me: This is my fault?

Client: Yes!

Lizzette proved that even when they Lose two short sizes it’s still my fault!

All jokes aside, the daily/every other day habit of getting on the scale and using that input as the only real measure of progress needs to stop. You’ve heard this many times before, but sometimes it’s better to hear it from someone other than your nagging coach.

Let’s look at all the wonderful things we can use to gauge progress:

  • Mood
  • Attitude
  • Change in measurements – inches lost…a drop in dress/pant/short size.
  • Stronger
  • No more daily back pain or neck discomfort.
  • Less bloat and stomach issues from an improved diet.
  • Better health – possibly no more blood pressure medicine, improved cholesterol numbers, blood sugar and other indicators of good health.
  • More ‘spring’ in your step.
  • Head up, tall confident posture.
  • Resilience.
  • Happiness.

Life is good. Improvement in any of these areas makes life better. Embrace the fact that improving takes work and time. Give it a little squeeze and cuddle. Then show up and keep showing up.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom