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Do You Want To Drop Fat And Inches Before The Summer?

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(The following members participated in our 8-Week Rock Your Jeans Challenge in October/November)
Colleen 15lbs, Brandy & Debbie (mom & daughter) lost a combined 42lbs and 31 inches, Lindsay dropped 11lbs and 10 inches and Tiffany rocked it by losing 17lbs and 2 jean sizes!

  • 60 Day Program –everything is mapped out for you!
  • Unlimited Group Personal Training Sessions – You’ll be challenged and pushed appropriately through intensive coaching and instruction during our scheduled group training sessions. You’ll work hard, but you’ll also have a great time!
  • The Summer Shred Nutrition Plan – Proven,sensible and sustainable. You get recipes, sample meal plans and the necessary support and accountability that you need to succeed. Follow the plan and get amazing results!
  • This is a team challenge (we divide all participants up into teams). This makes this challenge fun and pleasantly competitive.
  • You will receive a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor – This technology will help track your workouts and give you instant feedback during your sessions. The MyZone belt is yours to keep and works inside and outside of the facility.

Summer Shred Kickoff Meeting

Wednesday March 28th


Breakthrough Fitness

269 Aulin Avenue, Suite 1011

*During the kickoff we will thoroughly explain the nutrition plan and answer questions about how the challenge works. The kickoff is not required to join, but we encourage you to try and make it.

The 8-week challenge investment:

$378 (payment can be divided into two payments of $189)

Call Us Now to sign up or if you have questions


Coaches Corner – How To Add Running Into Your Training Regimen

Last week, a friend asked me for advice in an email.  She asked me about adding running into her training.  Here is a small portion of her email and my response.

“I know that adding in additional workouts will help me lose weight and get in better shape.  I have run twice this week already on Tuesday and Thursday for 2.5 miles for the first time in like forever.  I know you aren’t a big fan of running but it is something that I don’t mind and I am decent at it.   Running typically helps me lose weight quickly if I can stick with it.” Here is my response. I made important points bold. For the sake of this article, I added a few additional recommendations as well as a closing statement.

Training at the gym three days is good. Running is also good. I think running is fantastic. My recommendation is that people be strong enough to handle the constant impact each time our foot hits the ground. If you enjoy it and your body handles it, do it. 

My thoughts are how can we maximize the time you are dedicating to running?  Steady jogging the same 2-3 miles twice a week won’t do much for long. Your body will become efficient at burning energy (this means you will burn less). So you either have to go further or faster. Further takes more time. Faster does not.

I think your running or “conditioning” should resemble how I would train a soccer player in the off season. Remember all that stuff you used to do? (My friend was a good high school soccer player.)

  • Agility drills – ladder work and a variety of lateral stop and go type stuff. Follow that up with:
  • Tempo runs – run 100 yards somewhere between 18-25 seconds. Rest 30-40 seconds, run another 100 yards in 18-25 seconds….Do this 10-15 times. As you improve, run the 100 yards faster and shorten up the rest.
  • Stadium running, hills or beach– If you live close to a stadium, see if you can run up and down the bleachers. If you live by hills and steep terrain, try running up the hill and walking down. Repeat once and back down. If you are close to the beach (like my friend), run/walk on the thick sand. Use landmarks as goals. Maybe you’ll run from your starting point to a lifeguard stand. Then walk to the next.
  • Sprint work – 20 yard sprints or flying 40’s. For the first 20 yards, run at a moderate speed and then all out sprint for last 20 yards. Rest 30 seconds, repeat 10-15 times. Take your time and build up to faster speeds. And it should go without saying that you should be properly warmed up. This might take you back to your soccer glory days, but you are now an old mom 🙂
  • Intervals (let’s use a track as an example) – sprint the straight aways, walk or jog the turns.
  • 15/15/15 drill = walk 15 seconds, jog 15 seconds, sprint 15 seconds…..keep repeating for desired time. Adjust accordingly.
  • 50 yard gassers or suicide runs (I heard they can’t call them suicide runs anymore in school.)

This is productive running for body composition goals, in my opinion. Steady, same pace jogging has it’s place. I good plan would be to do 20 minutes of stuff like this and then finish with a steady-state jog for 20+ minutes.

My friend is a mom, has a full-time job and all the responsibilities you and I have. I want her and you to maximize the time you commit to training. Faster, shorter sprints and drills are intense (intensity trumps volume), requires full body coordination and are highly metabolic (burn lots of energy). Coordination, spatial awareness, elasticity (springiness) and the ability to move at different speeds don’t get trained often enough.

You are sitting and moving slow most of the day. When you exercise, unleash the potential we are built for and train with a purpose. Your training will feel really rewarding, which will make it more enjoyable.

Keep moving, Coach Dom

Coach Dom’s Top Five Q1 Lessons of 2018

We have entered the final month of Q1 for 2018. Here are a few lessons to keep you moving forward.

Learn to enjoy the plateaus

It’s easy when everything is going how you want it to. The people who are fully committed to a lifetime of fitness and good health keep grinding. The scale will not drop in straight line. The weights lifted won’t continually increase. This doesn’t mean you have to jump ship and try a new trend. It is a perfect time to assess, see where you can make a small change (same, but different) and put in the work.  A new breakthrough will happen soon.

Pay yourself first

In business, you are taught to pay yourself first. This is tough when you first open a business and there is more going out than coming in. It was valuable advice and I’m glad I listened to it.

You need to take care of yourself and love yourself before others. You moms do everything and we love you for it; but when you are at your best, we benefit even more. Fellas, find the balance between work, family and health. It’s cliche, but the first wealth is health.

Food does not have moral value, only nutritional value

What you eat and how you look does not define you. Food is fuel. Food is family. Food is conversation with a friend. Enjoy it, educate yourself about it and make grown up choices.

Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable

Building muscle requires lifting some heavy weights. Losing fat requires doing things differently than you are currently doing. Improving the heart and lungs will mean you will have to sweat and breathe rapidly. Muscles will be sore on occasion, joints might get a little achy. You aren’t injured. Your joints were hurting when you were sitting around doing nothing. Embrace the feeling of getting out of your own way and making it happen.

Focus on your average intensity over time

Yeah that one great workout three weeks ago felt awesome. It has value, but not much more than the crappy workout yesterday. They all matter about the same. Stop caring about how good or bad a single workout went. Your cheat day or whatever you call it is probably not what’s holding you back. Take a look at the meals that you are trying to make clean and healthy. The problem is always in the day-to-day.

There is only one way to know what your average is – Journal and track what you are eating, how you are sleeping, exercise, mood, stress. Track as much as possible.

There it is, five tips I think we all need to hear on occasion. Do as you please with them.

And if Q1 was a struggle and you can use some help starting Q2, check this out.



Four Hip Mobility Moves You Should Start Doing Daily

Hip mobility has been on the top of my mind lately due to the current training program I am doing. Let’s just say it involves a ton of barbell squats…

The Hips Don’t Lie

We (humans) were blessed with the amazing ability to move in all directions. The hips can be considered the center or axis for all this wonderful, free movement we are capable of doing.

The hips are also very honest. They will not tell a lie. They do not speak often, but when they do, the language is pain and discomfort. The hips are also master ventriloquists, sometimes making their voice heard through the low back and knees. 

  • Three hip bones form the pelvis.
  • Muscles of the abdomen and low back connect to the pelvis.
    • These muscles allow us to twist, bend and keep the spine stable.
  • Muscles of the lower body connect to the pelvis.
    • These allow us to run, jump, kick, cycle, change direction. Basically all movement done in a standing position.
  • Even the large Latisimus Dorsi muscles (the big winged muscles of the back) can insert into the lateral hip on some folks. You got it, even tight mid/upper back muscles can create issues at and around the hip.

Repetitive action is almost always the problem

Tightness and lack of mobility in the hips come from doing something repetitively.

  • Sitting is the biggest culprit for most people. The majority of people’s work requires long periods of sitting day after day (highly repetitive).
  • Training a body that is designed to move three-dimensional in only one dimension is highly repetitive. 
    • Running, biking and even most lifting (squats, deadlifts) take place in the Sagittal Plane. This dimension of movement is mostly flexion and extension of the hips and knees.
      • Lifting the knee is flexion, straightening the leg is extension.

Congratulations if you are part of the small percentage of people that exercise before or after sitting all day. Now, if all you do is run, bike, row or lift weights in one dimension, you could be setting yourself up for hip, low back or knee problems.

The Solution

  • Add large amplitude movement patterns into your training – I love medicine ball work for this. You can do a series of chops, bends, lifts and rotational patterns. A perfect time for this would be as part of a warm up. (Guess what next weeks article will be about? Medicine Ball Training!)
  • Incorporate lateral movement into the mix. This can be as simple as side lunges, mini-band walks and agility training that involves a lot of change of direction.
  • Do dynamic stretching patterns and static stretching that targets the muscles that connect to the pelvis.

Let me get this right coach. You are saying I should warm up by making my body do all the movements it is designed to do, everyday, especially before my go-to form of exercise? That sounds like it could take a long time.

If your normal routine involves fiddling with your headphones, texting or doing a drive-bye around the gym floor checking out the pretty girls or hot guys, then yes, it will take long.

If you enter the gym ready to take care of business, a good warm up can be 3-7 minutes.

Do These Four Moves Daily

Reverse lunge – forearm to in-step with thoracic rotation, aka – The World’s Greatest Stretch

Every person that I have trained over the last 10 years does this move. I first learned this dynamic movement from Mark Verstegen. It prepares the hips and pretty much the whole body for future movement. There are variations that are similar and work really well. Just pick one and do it. Do it Everyday!

Hip Flexor Stretch

It’s easy. You take a kneeling position with one knee down and the front leg at a 90 degree angle. Lean forward and stretch, right? Wrong. We’ve all done this stretch wrong. Watch the video, follow the cues and start doing it correctly.

  • Hands on knee – tall posture, tight abs.
  • Ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over knee.
  • Tuck your tail (pelvis) so it’s in a neutral position.
  • Squeeze (flex, contract) the glute of the leg on the ground.
  • Lean slightly forward, feeling a nice stretch on the top/front of hip. Hold for a few seconds, relax, tighten glute and repeat.

Rocker stretch and Rocker stretch with leg adducted(away from the body)

  • Take a kneeing position with your knees slightly wider than your hips (everyone will have a spot that’s comfortable).
  • Tuck pelvis, so we don’t have a lot of extension or curve in the low back. Abs should be tight as well.
  • Rock back and hold for a few seconds, breathing out. Come forward, breathing in. Repeat for reps.
  • To get a stretch on the adductor muscles of the inner leg, put one leg out straight to side and perform movement.

Figure 4 Stretch

  • Place feet flat on the floor with knees bent around 45 degrees.
  • Bring one foot up and place ankle on leg that is grounded.
  • You should feel a stretch on the outside of the hip on the leg that is crossed. This is external rotation of the hip.
  • If you apply a little pressure on the knee you will get more stretch. Don’t overdue it.
  • If you lift the knee of the grounded leg towards your chest, you will feel a good stretch in the posterior muscles of the hip – the glutes, piriformis.

Start working on those hips and keep moving!

Coach Dom

The Ultimate Edge In Fat Loss

During his first meeting with a new team, legendary basketball coach, John Wooden would have all the players take off their socks and shoes. He would then make the team put their socks back on meticulously making sure that every wrinkle was out of the sock. He knew basketball was a game of quick movement and direction change. This was hard on the feet. A wrinkled sock can cause blisters. Blisters can lead to loss of playing time which could hurt the teams winning chances. Everything matters.

Fiber is the wrinkled sock in the game of fat loss. It’s a small detail that can have a big impact on your chance of winning.

Fiber itself does not burn fat, but it can help tremendously in our efforts to lose fat.

What is fiber

  • Fiber is nothing more than a carbohydrate that the body can not digest.
  • There are two types: Insoluble fiber and soluble fiber.

Insoluble Fiber

  • Does not dissolve in water.
  • Helps move food through the digestive system.
  • Promotes regularity and helps prevent constipation.

Soluble Fiber

  • Dissolves in water.
  • Soluble fiber lowers blood sugar levels as well as lowering cholesterol levels.

How fiber can help with fat loss

  • High fiber foods do not contain as much digestible carbohydrate, so it slows the rate of digestion and causes a more gradual and lower rise in blood sugar.
  • Slower digestion keep you full longer.
  • The ‘Chew Factor’ – High fibrous foods take longer to eat. This gives the brain enough time to get the signal that you are full.

Strive for 25

  • Try to eat 25-30 grams per day.

Foods high in fiber

  • Raspberries – 8g per cup
  • Blackberries – 7g per cup
  • Avocado – 6g per 1/2
  • Pears – 5g medium fruit
  • Peas – 8g per cup
  • Broccoli – 5g per cup
  • Sweet potato w/skin – 6g medium potato
  • Black beans – 8g 1/2 cup
  • Lentils – 8g 1/2 cup
  • Oatmeal – 4g per cup
  • Quinoa – 5g per cup
  • Brown rice – 4g per cup

Notice what all these foods have in common? They are all carbohydrates!

Do you think you would lose fat if:

  • Your diet consisted of the above foods paired with good protein and fats.
  • You controlled portions, so your daily calories match the amount of calories you need per day.
  • You lifted weights and did circuit training a few days a week.
  • You did low intensity movement a couple days a week.
  • You eased off the wine, beer and alcohol.
  • You backed off the dairy.
  • You did all of these bullet points the majority of the time – 85-90%.

The answer is HELLS YES!

You don’t need a Keto diet, intermittent fasting or the next big thing. All you need is to create a simple plan and do it over and over again.

**Important Tips**

  • Fiber absorbs water, so you want to make sure you are drinking adequate amounts of water when you increase fiber intake.
  • Try to get most of your fiber from fruits, vegetables and legumes.
  • The rest should come from whole grains – oatmeal, rice, quinoa.
  • Don’t rely on packaged food sources for your fiber.  The majority of these foods are disguised as healthy, but do not have your best interests in mind.

See you at the gym!

Keep Moving,

Coach Dom


8 Glute(Booty) Exercises You Should Be Doing

The Powerhouse of Movement – The Glutes

It’s Glute Week at Breakthrough Fitness, so I thought we would discuss them. No other muscle in the body has been praised more than the glutes. Rock and Roll Bands have gone in search for it – ZZ Top’s Tush – “I ain’t asking for much. Lord take me downtown, I’m just looking for some tush.”  And let’s not forget what early 90’s philosopher and rapper, Sir-Mix-A-Lot had to say about them -“I like them real thick and juicy, so find that juicy double, Mix-a-Lot’s in trouble begging for a piece of that bubble.” That sweet, sweet poetry.
I will not deny that I have made this same facial expression a few times when a nice set of glutes crosses my line of sight.
I have yet to meet a person who does not want a nice set of their own glutes. We can all agree that there is something magnificent and attractive about a properly working set of gluteal muscles on males and females.
The glutes are made up of 3 muscles:
  • Gluteus Maximus – The show stopper and largest muscle of the glutes.
  • Gluteus Minimus
  • Gluteus Medius
The glutes extend the thigh(In a squat that would be the portion of the move when you are coming up from the bottom). They also rotate the hip in and out and do a great deal of stabilizing the hip, leg and knee during all movements involving the lower body.

We don’t care coach, we just want them to look better.

I understand, but you need to know if you train the glutes for “go” they’ll look better for “show”.
**Genetics play a factor in glute development. You can’t change the shape of your hip bones. You have to work with what ya got.
These are some of the moves we use at Breakthrough Fitness to target the glutes and hamstrings (back of leg).

Stability Ball Reverse Hyper-extensions
Hip Thrust
Quadruped hip circles and extensions
Straight leg deadlifts also known as a Romanian deadlift.
Cable Pull Through’s
Rear foot elevated split squats (Bulgarian split squats)
Walking Lunges
Kettlebell swings
There are definitely other moves that can target the glutes, but this is a good place to start. Play around with different sets and repetitions for each move. Think high reps for the bodyweight stuff and go heavy on the split squats and lunges.

Effort and frequency are required.

Every day this week we will be doing a live demonstration video on Facebook – Breakthroughfitnessfl
Check out our page if you haven’t already like it.
Keep moving,
Coach Dom

5 Tips For Keeping The Weight Off

It is now February. Are you still on track with your fitness and weight loss goals? Or have you already quit because you:

  • Never had a real plan in the first place.
  • Made the same mistakes from years past.
    • A mistake made more than once is a decision
  • Haven’t defined your “why”.
    • Set a good example for my children.
    • Feel good about myself again.
    • Be the best version of myself I can be.
  • Didn’t take control of your environment – Create an environment that breeds success

Five Tips For Keeping The Weight Off

  • Eat breakfast – There are plenty of studies about breakfast. I’ve personally always given the advice to eat some kind of breakfast. I don’t care if it’s a handful of berries or an orange. There is something about the habit of providing your body fuel during the first part of the day.
    • It can be within the first hour of waking.
    • It can be an hour after your coffee.
    • It can be a recovery shake after your morning workout.
    • You have to find what works best for you.
      • You should feel good after you eat breakfast. You should never feel lethargic and bloated.
      • It should keep you full until lunch or at least until your morning snack.
      • Make sure it has fiber – vegetables scrambled in eggs, fruit, 100% whole wheat or even a handful of nuts.

It’s up to you to find out what is best for your situation – work, family, etc.

  • Build a tribe – I’ll beat this into the ground, but if you want long-term health and fitness, you must have a supporting cast.
    • Surround yourself with like-minded people who are also trying to stay healthy.
    • Do not assume the people you are closet to will be supportive. I have seen firsthand spouses sabotage their significant others results. I wish I had advice on how to handle this, but I don’t.
    • Building a tribe will require an investment in time. It may also require a financial investment in a good coach or a facility that creates the environment you feel comfortable at. Building your tribe may require you to make some new friends. Your comfort zone will get challenged. Overcoming your fears will only make you stronger.
  • Strength train and condition your body regularly – You aren’t going to exercise all the weight off. What you eat definitely plays a large role in dropping inches and fat, but exercise is just as important.

    • Strength training improves your muscles – strength, tone and tightness.
    • Strength training helps build stronger bones.
    • Strength training builds muscle or at the very least slows down the loss of muscle as we age. Muscle is the driving force behind your metabolism.
    • Strength training improves the quality of your joints and improves balance if done with free weights.
    • Strength training reduces the chance of injury in your daily activities.
    • Strength training helps control blood sugar and has a positive impact on key hormones that play a major role in body composition and health.
    • Strength training and conditioning is great for your mental well-being, confidence and self-esteem.

Stay strong, stay vibrant.

  • Monitor weight and body composition

    • Get on the scale once a week. Give yourself a 3lb swing. So if you weigh 140, it’s okay to be 143. Take a photo monthly and compare. The scale only tells part of the story.  Pictures tell the whole story.
  • Never stray to far away from your healthy habits
    • So you drank and ate too much garbage at the Super Bowl party. Nothing wrong with that.
    • Taking a doggy bag of food home from the party, shame on you.

You can’t live a healthy lifestyle part time and expect to keep the results you earned through discipline and hard work. Permanent changes require permanent changes.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

The Ride Home – A Transformation Story

The Ride Home

Your thoughts start to wonder as you drive home through the storm. The pouring rain, gusting wind and dark clouds make you think of a time not long ago when the sun rarely shined in your life. It was the time before you got on the highway to success. You remembered how you would “get away” with sweet and salty snacks that would comfort you and wash away your problems, frustrations, and inadequacies. Your nightly getaway soon became a consuming necessity. During your getaways clothes started fitting tighter, simple chores became hard and enjoyable conversations turned into yelling matches.

For the next ten years you masqueraded around in a body you despised, covering it with large, loose clothing. Family portraits, weddings, and outdoor functions became your enemies. You looked at women with great bodies and said ‘I could never look like that’- even though you once did. Your sex life was in the gutter and you were always tired and never had energy.

The rain has stopped and the sun began to shine through the clouds making your drive more pleasant.  You start to laugh about all the money you spent on diets and gimmicks during the ‘dark ages’- your reference for those depressing years. You went through the list of excuses you had; my kids come first, I don’t have time, work is hectic, I am destined to be fat, eating the same foods is boring, I don’t like gyms. Then the day came. The call from your father saying, mom is getting some tests done. Mom hasn’t taken care of herself over the years and she has started to have some health problems. These problems could have been avoided through proper eating and exercise. Everyone has a moment when they decide to take back their life. This was your moment. You vowed from that day on you were going to scratch, claw, and kick your way back to happiness. No more excuses, no more two months and quit. This time it was a permanent.

As you get off the exit and pay the toll, it occurs to you that your journey into fitness has had its tolls. As you reminisce, you realize now that the journey is what made you who you are today. The daily struggles and commitment have led to control. You are in charge of your life. You’ve gotten out of your comfort zone and challenged your physical capabilities and in the process you’ve discovered new potential you never thought possible. You fuel your body with foods that makes you strong and healthy. You’re no longer a number on the scale but a fit woman who celebrates her strengths.  You have learned how to manage your stress and relax. You have inspired friends to take back their lives. Now you are a team, providing each other with support and motivation. You are a hero and role model to your kids.

You pull into the drive, happy to be home. You hug and kiss your kids and can’t wait to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine and conversation with your husband. Life is good.

The highway to success is a toll road

Keep moving,

Coach Dom







Snacks Gone Wild

Every week I try to provide relevant information through these articles. I get ideas from various sources, but this week’s topic was sparked by Boar’s Head Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus.

I have not indulged in this product….yet. Dark chocolate dessert hummus first crossed my radar a few weeks ago when one of my trainers said, “How long before our members ask us about this?”

The answer – 8 days.

Snacks gone wild

I love hummus. Correction, Chubby Dom loves half a container of hummus with tortilla chips. Once, healthy Dom attempted to persuaded Chubby Dom to try it with slice red peppers and cucumbers. Chubby Dom obliged and then karate chopped Healthy Dom in the throat. The two reconciled and decided that while hummus can be a healthy snack for some, it wasn’t the best choice for them.

Too much of a good thing is bad

Hummus, nut butters and the wildly popular no-bake energy balls can help you succeed at fat loss and healthy living. They can also be your diet demise. Healthy Dom knows Chubby Dom will give him an ass whipin if he try’s to intervene during energy balls consumption.  Chubby Dom has been known to devour some balls. What?

My point is one must know thyself. If you are like me, then you have two personalities fighting when it comes to food. Smeagol and Gollum, if you will, for my Lord of the Ring peeps. This is why my go-to snack is a piece of fruit and a measured portion of unsalted mixed nuts. This is what works really well for me. You need to know your limits and boundaries.

A guide to proper snacking

  • Snacks should be looked at as energy management, nothing more.
  • They are something to help you sustain energy or “hold you over” until your next main meal.
  • Eating small frequent meals can be a great approach to nutrition, but I’ve seen a lot of people mess it up with snacking. They do well with breakfast, lunch and dinner, but make bad choices for snacks.
  • It’s easy to buy bars and 100 calorie snacks touting none of this and none of that, organic Vietnamese rice flour, high fiber, whole grain goodness. The reality is the majority of these products are junk food.

Snack Checklist

  • Is the snack around 200 calories or less?
  • Can I identify a protein source?
  • Can I identify a fat source?
  • Can I identify a fruit or vegetable?

Snacking keeps our blood sugar levels from dropping and wards off hunger.  Don’t feel like you need to eat snacks. If you have energy and aren’t hungry, don’t eat.

It’s okay to feel hungry sometimes

Snack Options

Fruit is the ultimate fast food. It’s a great snack because it’s portable, convenient, high in fiber and loaded with nutrients.

Why fat? Fat provides satiety (keeps you full). Healthy fat sources can also provide some protein.

Why Protein? Protein digests slowly and will keep you full longer. I find most people don’t eat enough protein for their fitness goals.

Snacks should be nutrient dense food, not 100 calorie snack bags. Here are some of my favorite combinations:

  • String cheese + Clementine/tangerine
  • Natural peanut butter on celery
  • 1 serving (1oz) cashews and a pear
  • 1 scoop whey protein powder blended with water
  • Kiwi and Pistachios
  • Sliced red peppers and hummus  or babaganoosh (Don’t be like Chubby Dom)
  • ½ cup cottage cheese with blueberries
  • 3 pieces of sliced turkey with avocado
  • Beef Jerky

Snack wisely my friends.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

Stop Fearing Carbs In 2018

Let’s set the tone early for the entire year – Carbohydrates are fantastic!

Do me a favor and go to the whiteboard on the fridge, the to-do-list or write directly on your bathroom mirror…

Carbs are not the devil

Carbs are not the devil

Carbs are not the devil

Carbs are not the devil

Carbs are not the devil

Carbs are not the devil

Carbs are not the devil


Think quality over quantity in 2018

All carbs are not created equal. The biggest differences between healthy and unhealthy carbs are the affects on blood sugar and digestion.


  • Carbs get consumed.
  • The body breaks them down into sugar.
  • The sugars first go to the liver to fill up energy stores – glycogen.
  • Once the energy stores are filled, the additional sugars spill out into the blood stream and other cells of the body.
  • The body releases insulin to handle the extra sugar in the body.

Healthy carbs – vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, beans and whole grains are digested slowly, helping to sustain energy levels and body composition.

Unhealthy carbs– sugary drinks and refined carbs like crackers and chips digest very quickly. The quick absorption takes sugar and insulin on a roller coaster ride. This can lead to the body becoming insulin resist (bad for a host of things – cholesterol, triglycerides, body composition) and poor energy levels.

Things to know

  • How fast carbs are digested and absorbed will impact body composition. Slow digestion is optimal.
  • Tolerance to different carbohydrates varies among individuals.
  • Body size, muscle mass and activity levels determine how many grams of carbs should be consumed each day.
  • Fast digesting carbs are good before, during and after your workout. A carb/protein drink before/during/post workout will improve your training session and lay the groundwork for faster recovery.
  • Fiber is a game changer- Fiber helps control blood sugar and fullness, as well as a host of health benefits. Try to get 25 grams per day.
  • The consumption of carbs with fats and proteins changes digestion and sugar response.

As you can see, digestion and controlling blood sugars is the common theme not only for good health, but also for body composition.

Look how much you can eat!

Let’s use a fictitious women as an example. We will call her Destiny. No are fictitious women is not a stripper. Destiny is not active, but she’s eats well and maintains her weight and body composition consuming roughly on 1,600 calories a day. After some math we calculated that 40% of her diet is coming from carbohydrates – 640 calories or 160 grams of carbs.

1,600 calories x 40% = 640……..640/4 calories per 1 gram of carbs = 160 grams.

A typical day of carbs for Destiny

22 carbs, 120 cals – 100% whole wheat english muffin

20 carbs, 112 cals – 1/2 cup black beans

21 carbs, 90 cals – 3 cups of broccoli

45 carbs, 180 cals – carbs added to her post-workout recovery shake (fruits or simple sugars from honey, juice, etc)

5 carbs, 20 cal – almonds

19 carbs, 72 cal – apple

26 carbs, 112 cals – sweet potato

Stop fearing and start eating….the right ones!

Focus on eating slow digesting, high fiber carbs in 2018 and good things will happen.

  • Vegetables – Fill up your plate with them.
  • Fruits – 1-3 servings a day. Stick with high fiber berries and citrus.
  • Beans – Any kind.
  • Whole grains – Oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa…..
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Nuts and seeds

Keep moving,

Coach Dom