Summer 2017 Checklist

I’m a close second to Olaf when it comes to summer. Who’s Olaf? Well, he’s the snowman in the Disney movie Frozen that I have seen ohhhh, 66 times, thanks to my little girl. Don’t let me fool you, it gets better every time!

Like Olaf, it’s easy to shut your eyes and dream of summer.  There you are chilling on the beach or a raft in your pool with a cold beverage. Next weekend you might find yourself at a theme park. A month from now it’s cousin Vinny’s big 4th of July party with gourmet wieners and cocktails.  Summer is meant to be enjoyed. That doesn’t mean all of your hard work and healthy habits have to migrate north until Fall arrives. Here is your summer checklist to help guide you through.

  • Follow the 90/10 nutrition rule– 90% of your calories come from healthy foods. This leaves 10% to use on whatever you desire. If you eat approximately 1,500 calories a day, that would be 150 cals a day or 1,050 for the week. Now you know cousin Vinny puts out a nice spread of food and makes a mean mojito, so it would be wise to save up your calories that week for the big party (no different than an off day on the MTM plan).
  • Think like an elite athlete and focus on performance. Fat loss isn’t easy and it shouldn’t always be your goal. If you are a member of Breakthrough Fitness, you are in the last week of The  Muffin Top Meltdown Challenge. You put in a lot of work to lose those inches and pounds.  Let’s keep those results. For the next month or two maintain your new body and focus on improving your lunge depth, increasing your push ups, pull ups or running a 5k.  Athletes train to improve their performance at a specific sport. The by product happens to be an aesthetically pleasing physique.
  • Plan ahead – Your family vacation has been planned for sometime. The weeks leading up to it you should have a strict regimen of workouts and nutrition. While on vacation continue to start your day off with high protein breakfast. If you enjoy adult beverages, have your water consumption = your alcohol consumption.
  • Be the hostess with the most-est – If you are throwing the gig why not serve better food? I’m thinking chicken and steak kabobs with vegetables. Smoked pulled pork and chicken. Hummus, guacamole, black bean salsa and fresh fruit. Maybe a twist on your classic potato salad or try making tabbouleh (Ta-bool – e) or a healthy dish that might become your signature item. There are lot’s of refreshing sangria’s and punches that can keep the party pumping as well.
  • Five active days a week– They can be gym sessions, light jogs, walks on the beach or a 15 minute bodyweight circuit (see video). Just KEEP MOVING!
  • Laugh, be happy and enjoy life- We train and eat right to make the quality of our lives better. Celebrate your efforts.

See you at the gym!

For All The Babies Mama’s

This one is for all the babies mama’s…..Mama’s, mama’s…….Song titled Ms. Jackson by Outkast if you don’t know

I wrote this last Mother’s Day and thought I would share again.

My latest inspiration came to me while reading a classic piece of literature titled, “The Berenstain Bears And Too Much Junk Food. The book grabs you from the start and drives the message home. No hidden plots or story lines. The family is getting fat and the culprit, too much junk food!

Change was necessary

Guess who noticed the physical changes taking place among the family? That’s right, Mama Bear. She didn’t ask for this responsibility, but like so often, she steps up to the plate and takes charge. She knew if she left it up to Papa Bears ole apple pie eating ass the family would be in trouble.

The rest of the story

Mama cleaned out the pantry. She swapped out junk food for fresh fruit. They went shopping as a family. They prepared dinners together and all had a specific role. They visited the doctor for a check up and became educated on the systems that run the body. They exercised together and signed up for a 5k as a family. They created healthy habits just as easily as they had created bad ones. All this happened because mama bear rose to the occasion like she’s done so many time before.

We love you mama bear

I’m surrounded by amazing women all day long. Strong, confident mama bears. Busy women who work and raise families, still making time to strengthen and condition their bodies. They are role models leading by example. Most of us know them simply as mom. We take  them for granted. We should tell them how awesome they are daily, but we don’t.

Well moms, I’m here to say thank you. Thank you for being awesome. Thank you for always being there. You’re the best.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Control Eating Sprees For Long-Term Weight Management


This past weekend I went on an eating spree. This didn’t involve me sitting around in my boxer briefs, unshaven, surrounded by candy wrappers and fast food bags. Enjoy the visual. This spree took place at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds.  From Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon we had a Hoop-Dee-Do good time! My three day spree included, but was not limited to:

  • Fried clams
  • Bourbon
  • Beer
  • Smores
  • Biscuits and gravy
  • Hashbrowns
  • Waffles with some kind of delicious pecan butter syrup
  • An undisclosed amount of fried chicken
  • Ribs
  • Cornbread
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Salad

This was not a weak moment where I just couldn’t resist temptation. This was a planned, controlled food bender, which got me to thinking that maybe controlled benders can be a good thing.

Vacations are great way to recharge the batteries and refresh the mind. They are a time to put your work obligations and the grind of daily life on the back burner. You have to treat yo self!

Eating well requires discipline and restrictions. Just like work and the daily grind a food vacation can create new motivation and commitment. A food vacation can:

  • Remind you how good you feel when you eat well
    • I might have had a Hoop-Dee-Do good time, but my stomach had a Poop-Dee-Do bad time. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. When you eat well the majority of the time, you’ll begin to like it and miss it.
  • Prepare and take action 
    • The week prior to our little getaway I ate really well.
    • I also did five workouts designed to boost metabolism and burn a lot of calories.
    • I knew I was getting back Tuesday late afternoon and I wouldn’t want to think about lunches for the rest of the week. This lead to me taking out chili I had frozen. Write “make a large batch of chili with meat, beans and lots of vegetables” on your to-do list right now. Seriously, chili freezes well, warms up easily and is loaded with protein and fiber. Chili should be part of every well stocked freezer.

Stop The Vacation

I don’t know where you are at on your quest for living well. A food vacation too soon may revert you back to bad habits. You must know thy self. I stopped the vacation with our first meal back at home. It would have been easy to order a pizza or pick something up. It was just as easy to make chicken and vegetables.

  • The body craves what it is given and the mind is weak.
  • Stop the vacation immediately with water, vegetables and lean protein (fish and chicken are good choices).


Long-term is in the title of this article for a reason. Maintaining a healthy body composition is a life-long endeavor. It doesn’t matter that you were the third best looking girl in your high school class or Mr. Johnny Football. What you have done since then has dictated your current body composition. What you continue to do or change is going to dictate the future. Find what works for you. Find your breakthrough.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

Paying It Forward- Scholarship Fund Charity Workouts

Nothing makes you feel better than doing a good deed. In the past I have written about paying it forward when it comes to fitness.  I love watching the veteran members of Breakthrough Fitness befriend the new members. The veterans know first hand what it takes to change their lives through fitness.  They pay it forward out of compassion. They aren’t looking for praise or acknowledgement.

Paying it forward is why I joined the Kiwanis Organization. Kiwanis is a global organization that was founded in 1915. Most of you probably never heard of Kiwanis. You can learn the whole story here

I joined Kiwanis because I wanted to give back to our local community. Everything we do at Kiwanis helps children.  The project that most excites me is our scholarship fund.

Every year we raise money through various events and fundraisers to provide graduating high school seniors the opportunity to receive a scholarship.

In 2016 we handed out 10 scholarships!

These scholarships were given to students at Oviedo High, Winter Springs, Hagerty and other local schools. Now these scholarships aren’t paying for entire semesters. What they can do is provide a student with a new lap top, books and other costs that add up quickly. And all of us who have been through college and have kids going to college know that it gets expensive real fast.

Join Us For Our Scholarship Workouts And Help Us Provide An Additional Scholarship!

Saturday May 6th and May 13th

8:30am and 9:30am group sessions

Non-members : Donation is requested

Members: Donate and receive a free recovery shake

*Non-members should be free of injury and will be required to sign a waiver prior to workout.

See you at the gym!

Keep moving,

Coach Dom



Hear The Train A Coming

This is an actual texting conversation between two of our members.

Michelle has been a member for a few years. Sam is in her third week.

Michelle – Come to Happy hour with me tonight (Friday at 1:55pm)

Sam- Going to the gym at 5:15pm.  Need to put some more time in this week.  Next time though.

Sam- I am starting to like going to the gym!!! It’s a work in progress but thank you for kickin my butt to get in there finally.

Michelle – I love that you love working out.

Sam- Not saying I love it but I can see if becoming a part of my life.  Love that I feel stronger physically and mentally too.  Losing weight is good too.  I actually completed my first full work out this week.  So happy!!

Michelle – So proud of you.

A train is useless without it’s engine. Your mindset is the engine, the producer of great power. You start by feeding it positive thoughts. These little bits of fuel start producing heat. Eventually these thoughts create so much heat under your ass that you take action. The train slowly pulls away from the station. The train likes the feeling of rolling down the tracks doing what it is designed to do. The train has to make a choice- does it continue rolling down the tracks gaining speed or slam on the brakes because it is nervous about what lies ahead?

The train decides to keep rolling, which requires a constant supply of fuel.  The best fuel is a blend of positive thoughts and accomplishments. The locomotive is determined to reach it’s destination. Once the destination is reached the train will not sit idle for long.  Another journey lies ahead.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

Multidimensional Training For Injury Prevention

Multidimensional Training

I like the term multidimensional training. Multidimensional describes anything with many different parts or aspects. Fitness has many different aspects. Here is a list of a few:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Mobility
  • Stamina/endurance

Go down the list and check off how many aspects of fitness you train. If you are covering all the bases I’ll bet money you are injury free.

Precursors to Injury

  • Intensity
  • Repetitive movement
  • Small range of movement


It might sound contradictory that intensity leads to injury when intensity is necessary for making progress in your fitness. I think people confuse intelligent, hard training with fatigue and stupidity. Your training intensity should vary weekly, monthly and yearly. An example for strength training would be a heavy day emphasizing the legs, keeping reps and sets in the low range. The classic 5 sets of  5 reps with heavy loads works well.  Maybe later in the week you would do a high repetition day with lighter loads – 3 sets of 15-20.  If you are a jogger you would wave the intensity by jogging different mileage over the course of the week. Which leads to our next precursor to injury.

Repetitive Movement

Jogging is a perfect example of a repetitive movement done in a small range of motion. Jogging is essentially short hops from one foot to the next in a straight line. Let’s say your thirty pounds overweight and haven’t done any strength training ever. You take a weak, overweight body and begin your attempt to jog off the pounds. There is a good chance you will drop some pounds. It is also highly likely that you will end up with a knee, back or foot injury. Another example is the guy who lifts weights all his life, but without regard to balance in his training.  This guy will work his chest, shoulders and arms (aka beach muscles) far more frequently than his back and legs. Eventually tightness and mobility issues will arise in the upper back and shoulder and injury can occur.

Small Range of Movement

I train everyday people. People that put their pants on one leg at a time and go out and make gold records. I gotta have more bell! You get it or you don’t, let’s move on. These everyday people have jobs. Most of the jobs require sitting all day. I’m putting sitting in the small range of movement category.

So what do you do?

Make Your Training Multidimensional

The best thing you can do for your fitness is to start doing other things. Question 1 – How much time can I commitment?

I ask for a minimum of three hours from our clients. In three hours we need to train all the aspects of fitness and combat hours of daily sitting.  We usually do this with circuit training.  Circuit training is a great form of multidimensional training.  Circuit training allows us to:

  • Cover all the basic human movements – bend, squat, push, pull, carry.
  • The design of the circuit can be general, covering all aspects of fitness or biased towards a particular aspect of fitness. We can lift weights, do calisthenics, jump, jog, sprint, roll around on the ground and get back up. We can do everything you currently aren’t doing.

It is important for the longevity of your physical capabilities to stop being one dimensional. You can switch out a couple of your jogs for strength training sessions or yoga classes. You can join a sports league one night a week. You could wrestle around with your kids a little more. Walking the golf course instead of using a cart is an option. There are no limits to what you can do.

The good news is that the aspects of fitness overlap each other. This is the beauty of the human body. Daily bending, squatting, rotating, lunging, reaching and getting up and down might be all you need. Moving is stretching. Movement is strengthening. Daily movement leads to coordination. We should definitely give these qualities specific training, but most of us just need to start moving more.

Alright let’s finish off this article with a video of movement. I didn’t plan this out. I set a timer for ten minutes and started to video. My objective was to move the entire body from my toes to my head. This isn’t a workout. It’s just moving around. The only thing I made a priority was getting up and down off the floor a few times. We take this ability for granted until we can’t do it.

Do this video daily, preferably right when you role out of bed in the morning. Use it to come up with your own daily dose of movement.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom







Experience And Stealing

Last Saturday I drove three hours to Fort Lauderdale to attend a one day fitness conference. I had the opportunity to learn and steal information from these four guys:

  • Mike Boyle
  • Dan John
  • Eric Cressey
  • Boo Schexnayder

You recognize these names right? Or course you don’t. These names mean nothing to you because you are not a student and a coach of strength and conditioning. As a coach it is my obligation to my clients and future clients to constantly learn and always improve. I would be doing myself and them a disservice if I did not seek continual growth and improvement in my craft.  Sadly, I was one of only about hundred attendees. There are probably over a thousand personal trainers in Fort Lauderdale alone.  Like every industry not everyone cares about improving.

If you have a passion for learning about fitness and human movement give these guys a chance. The four of them have over 100 years of experience training high level athletes and people of all walks of life. I mean that puts them up there with some of the all-time greats like Suzanne Summers and Jillian Micheal’s.

Invest in yourself

My two favorite investment strategies are:

  • Time – Experience comes from the investment of time. You have to get in the trenches and get a little dirty. Getting hit in the chest by a fountain of pee teaches you really fast that you need to keep a baby boys bottom parts covered at all times.
  • Stealing – I like to steal information from people who have been doing what I am doing really well for a really long time.  These people are  always happy to share the information with you, so it’s really not stealing, it’s borrowing.

It’s all been done before

Dads have been getting peed on for ages.  I knew my baby boy was a geyser waiting to happen. I just like to live dangerously. My point to all of this is that it has all been done before. Stop looking for the next best thing and just invest your time wisely and steal.

Take a look at the different roles you play in life. I’m a coach, father, husband, friend, uncle and brother. I know I have room to improve in all my roles. Do you? More importantly, do you want too?

Keep moving,

Coach Dom



Get Better Results By Hitting Singles, Not Home Runs

The start of the Major League Baseball season today made me think back to my glory days.  I was a good high school baseball player. I played center field and was lead off batter all four years on varsity. My job as a lead off batter was to get on base.  I was fast, had a good eye for balls and strikes, made good contact with the ball and rarely struck out. In the baseball world I was known as a Punchin Judy. A slap hitter. A person that hits a lot of singles and doubles, but not many home runs. I actually only hit two home runs in my entire life during an official game. One during a little league All-Start game (game winning home run thank you very much) and one against a neighboring rival in high school (very short right field). You remember these things when there are so few.

Become a  Punchin Judy

We all love the home run. In fitness the home run would be a new personal record in a lift, your fastest time in a run or dropping a dress size. Home runs are what keeps us in the game. But here’s the thing, you can’t always swing for the fences.  If you do, you will burn out or worse get injured. You have to put in the time and hit a lot of singles.

  • Getting to the gym 3-4 times a week is hitting a single.
  • Drinking a recovery shake after your sessions is a single.
  • Eating until your 80% full is a single.
  • If you are a runner you have to log the miles. Just because a half marathon is 13.1 miles doesn’t mean you always run that distance. A single would be getting out and crushing those 3 mile runs. Paying attention to your gait and mechanics. Journaling what pre-run meal provided sustainable energy.  
  • Eating a gram of protein per pound of lean body mass daily is hitting a single.
  • Working on a weakness is a single.
  • Mastering the squat and deadlift technique are singles.
  • Doing a movement through its full range of motion is a single.
  • Taking a day off to fully rest and recover is a single. Actually let’s make this a double. The recovery is just as important as the work. Don’t forget this!

Your fitness home run is your ultimate reward. Your home run is a byproduct of hard work and repetitions. Day in and day out you have to hit the singles. You have to focus on every minor detail. Nothing is too small.

Make a list of “singles” that you need to hit daily to get you closer to your goal. Also make a list of things that you need to avoid to keep you from slipping further away from your goal. We can only move in two directions. We always want to be taking more steps forward than backwards. It’s called progress.

Keep moving,

Coach Dom

Thursday Night Kickoff- Muffin Top Meltdown Challenge

2017 Muffin Top Meltdown Challenge

Kickoff Event is this

Thursday, March 30th at 7pm

Here is what the Muffin Top Meltdown Challenge Includes:

  • Exact steps to drop inches and build firm muscles.

  • Nutritional tracking and guidance from your trainers.

  • Effort tracking with MyZone Heart Rate Monitors.

  • Challenging strength and conditioning group workout sessions (unlimited).

  • Quality coaching and instruction.

  • Pleasant competition. During this challenge we create teams. Each individual earn points for their team by doing the requirements set forth. This creates serious accountability.

  • Recovery shakes available on premises to maximize all of your hard work.

  • Supportive, Fun training environment.

If your fitness and nutrition need a jump start, overhaul or a swift kick in the rear this challenge is for you!

Call Now to RSVP for the kickoff event 407-542-5910

Thursday Night at 7pm

How To Stay Awesome

During the final stage of the creation of humans, God dipped humans in awesome sauce giving them the ability to do these fundamental movements:

  • Bend
  • Squat
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Carry

These fundamental movement patterns allow humans to display their awesomeness. Humans can:

  • Crawl
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Skip
  • Jump
  • Tumble
  • Throw
  • Catch
  • Swing
  • Climb
  • Kick

Staying Awesome

Staying awesome is a personal responsibility. Our physical attributes come with a price. If we don’t use them, we lose them.  Humans are highly adaptable. We were designed to move, so the body will continue to find ways to do it.  Our walk may become more of a waddle. The upper back will begin to take the position it is put in the majority of the time. Muscles will lose their ability to produce and resist force putting additional stress on the joints.  Overtime all the awesome sauce is used up and you no longer can do one or all of the five fundamental movement patterns.

Hammer away at the fundamental five

  • Bend – we use the term hinge at the gym. You need to learn that bending forward starts in the hips, keeps the natural curvature of the spine. Proper “hinging” puts the stress on the glutes, hamstrings and large back muscles. These muscles are designed to do the heavy lifting and carrying of objects. When you bend properly you spare the lower back.
  • Squat– Sitting, deep knee bending. The real difference between the squat and bend takes place at the knee. A good squat starts with a little hinge then you simply sit in between your legs.
  • Push– You can push weights over your head or off your chest. You can push a sled, another human or a car. Better yet, you can push your body off the ground. I think it’s called a push up. Rocket science, I know.
  • Pull– The opposite of push. Rowing, pull ups, pulldown machines, tug of war are examples of pulling.
  • Carry– We do this the most in real life, but almost no one does it in their training programs. Think about how often you carry stuff. Sometimes it’s down at your sides. It can be in one hand or both. Sometimes you carry stuff on your shoulder. Other times the thing you are carrying is in front of you or on your back.

What is your training missing?

Start doing everything you are not doing and I guarantee that what you do will improve. The body is a whole system with all of it’s parts working together. Start training it as such. I’m not telling you to give up what you enjoy. What I am telling you is that if you don’t hit the fundamental five frequently you will end up with a decreased level of awesomeness in the moves neglected.

We can help you be awesome

Our training programs are built around the fundamental five.  We also do some other cool stuff like throw, jump, run, swing and crawl.

I invite you to join us for our eight week challenge starting on April 3rd. In eight weeks you will:

  • Move better
  • Feel better
  • Look better

See you at the gym!